My Heroes

Politicians –

Governor Sarah Palin – fought against the good ole boys club and won!

Senator Rand Paul – fights for our constitutional rights, won’t back down from anyone.  Pres. in 2016!

Rep. Paul Ryan – only congressman to offer up a working solution to our national debt crisis.

Col. Allen West – true believer in my generation,

Attorney Ken Cuccinelli – first Attorney General to stand up against ObamaCare, He has a plan for the future of VA.

Journalists –

Katie Kieffer – speaks the truth and supports the future generation.  http:/

Katie Pavlich – strong supporter of 2nd Amendment, we need that in America.

Scottie Hughes – leader in the conservative movement, great journalist works with Tea Party News Network

Robert Stacy McCain – won’t back down from telling the truth.

Madeleine McAulay – young conservative, who will keep America strong.

Brett Baier – provides the truth without question.  Foxnews Host,

Bill O’Reilly – Host of O’Reilly Factor, one of few willing to hear both sides of an argument and present it for average Americans to hear.

Andrew Breitbart – Conservative’s main free-speech advocate.


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