United States Government Shuts Down

On January, 19th 2018 the United States government failed to agree upon a budget and officially shut down. This means that government employees will be put on a furlough until […]

How Is Your Charity Money Spent?

Around this time of year, you may start to notice an uptick in charity events and the visibility of charities. There is the familiar tingling of bells as the Salvation […]

Cultural Appropriation-A Liberal Myth

During the Halloween season, students all across the country were warned not to engage in "cultural appropriation." That is, they should not dress like people from other cultures.

Is the Entertainment Industry Tapped Out?

This year, the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise aired on CBS. It immediately stirred controversy due to the revamped appearance of the popular alien race known as Klingons. […]

Will War Occur With North Korea?

North Korea’s government responded to Trump’s critical tweets regarding their government by claiming that Trump declared war on their country. How they intend to respond to this perceived threat of […]