About “EOAN”

EOA News, a division of EOA Network is a conservative news and opinion site and a leader in grassroots journalism. The Main Stream Media is to “objective journalism” as Snooki is to Mensa. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and the list goes on and on, but they have all have been fully co-opted by the Far Left. Sadly, however, some of the online alternatives have become more obsessed with getting “hits” than they are with offering solid and consistent investigative journalism. That’s where we come in. EOA News is THE antidote to left wing media bias, not just because we’re “from the right”, but because we do journalism right.

We believe in individual liberty, fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility, limited government, and economic freedom for all Americans. We are concerned citizen journalists who are tired of all the political rhetoric and we are here to get to the bottom of the news. We are a coalition of concerned Pavement Patriots joining forces to bring you political news and to hold our elected officials accountable. We are the go-to resource for investigative, grassroots journalism. We are America.

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