Lauren Southern detained by Border Forces over claims of spreading racism

Popular Canadian activist Lauren Southern was detained by Border Force in Calais and barred from entering the #United Kingdom. Officials with the UK Home Office said that Border Force has the power to refuse entry to anyone they consider to have a presence in the United Kingdom which may not be favorable to the public good. Lauren Southern previously worked for the popular right wing Canadian news site The Rebel Media. Southern has claimed that British officials told her she was denied entry into the United Kingdom because of racism.

Journalist Lauren Southern previously supported an operation that worked to allegedly prevent the rescue of refugees. Ms. Lauren Southern later took to social media saying she was locked out but doing fine. She also said that all the cool people are being banned. Southern was not the only activist to be detained. Popular Austrian activist Martin Sellner and his American girlfriend Brittany Pettibone, were also detained by the British government. The couple were denied entry at the Luton Airport over the weekend, officials also claimed their presence was not favorable to the public good. Sellner and Pettibone were detained and later removed from Britain on Sunday. Southern was planning to visit friends in the country including Tommy Robinson,founder of the English Defense League, who is often criticized for his fiery criticism of Islam. Sellner was scheduled to speak at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park on Sunday.



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