Sen. John McCain set to introduce bipartisan immigration legislation

In a bipartisan move, both Senators John McCain and Christopher Coons will be bringing forward Immigration Reform legislation in the hopes of a reaching a budget deal, before the government’s funding runs dry on Friday.

According to the Hill, a key part of the legislation provides “Dreamers” or those who are part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, an opportunity for U.S.

citizenship, while reviewing current border security and determining what more needs to be done to better secure the Southern border. DACA was instituted by President Obama to protect children of illegal immigrants from deportation.

The legislation would give anyone who has lived in this country since December 2013, legal status and a path to citizenship. Senator McCain released a statement saying it’s time to end the gridlock, so we can finally achieve a permanent budget deal that supports those in the military.

McCain previously attempted to provide a path to citizenship for immigrants living in the country illegally, but ended up failing. The bill will include a $110 million grant for five years that will improve coordination between border agency and state and local law enforcement.

According to MSN News, the proposed bill will not include immediate funding for Pres. Trump’s border wall, which could receive a cold reception from Republicans. This new legislation is asking to hire 55 immigration court judges for three years and calls for the State Department to develop a 3-year strategy to help Central America countries combat the causes of illegal immigration to America, including gang violence and drug trafficking.



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