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Army leaker Bradley Manning running for US Senate seat in Maryland

BALTIMORE, January 13, 2018 — Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Pfc. Bradley Manning, who was convicted of leaking classified documents in the United States is running for a senate seat in Maryland.

The news was first reported by media outlet Red Maryland. Senator Ben Cardin is not expecting any fierce competition for his seat. His strong fundraising base has kept him from being a vulnerable candidate in Maryland.

However, someone with national name recognition such as Manning, could possibly weaken Cardin’s chances at re-election. Cardin has served two terms.

Senator Cardin’s Spokeswoman Sue Walitsky says the senator is looking forward to a vigorous debate of the issues and a robust conversation with Maryland voters. Manning still has to file with the Maryland State Board of Elections to get her name on the ballot.

After President Obama commuted Manning’s sentence in 2016, she moved to Maryland. She was serving time at a military prison in Kansas. Chelsea Manning is running as a Democrat and she calls Maryland her home state. This July is the Democratic primary.

Manning received a 35-year sentence for providing classified information to WikiLeaks, detailing information relating to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She also provided them State Department cables.

Manning is currently writing for Medium and The Guardian on the issues of civil liberties and free speech. Harvard recently rescinded an invitation for her to be a visiting fellow after facing intense backlash.

It’s unclear if she has a serious shot at becoming Maryland’s next Senator, but in a world where Oprah is becoming the Democrat’s next strongest presidential candidate, anything is possible. We do know that President Trump does not like Manning and even called her an “ungrateful traitor” during the 2016 campaign.

Others have praised her as a hero. While having a felony record, that does not bar her from running for office. The Constitution only requires a senator be at least 30 years old, been a citizen of the United States for nine years and be a resident of the state from which the person is seeking office.



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