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Trump Asks China for Three UCLA Basketball Players. Did Obama Ask for Warmbier?

The University of California-Los Angeles conducted a press conference in light of the media speculation surrounding the three basketball players that shoplifted in China during a tournament. The players were LiAngelo Ball, son of the polarizing holder of the Baller Brand LaVar Ball and brother to 2nd overall pick in the NBA draft Lonzo Ball, Jalen Hill, and Cody Riley.

The players gave a scripted and sincere apology after admitting to the crime. Their coach, Steve Alford, remarked they were “good young men” before announcing they were to be suspended indefinitely.

UCLA is currently looking into the incident that occurred in Hangzhou, China to determine further disciplinary action. Meanwhile, the players are allowed to suit up and travel with the team.

Ball specifically thanked President Donald Trump and the U.S. government for stepping in on their behalf.

Trump weighed in on Twitter before the press conference.

Trump’s move to negotiate for the three Americans with President Xi and the Chinese government strongly contradicts the policies of Barack Obama who decided not to intervene for Americans out of fear of offending opposing World Leaders.

Relations with China defined as a currency manipulator and ‘Lame Ducking’ growing hostilities with North Korea forced the U.S. economy to stagnate and ties to be cut off. Trump used his 12 day trip to the Asian peninsula to focus on trade, North Korea and strengthening relations with countries like Japan, China, South Korea, and Vietnam. Perhaps the largest step towards denuclearization of North Korea was Trump bringing China to the table to cut off their Federal Banking system with North Korea in August.

One particular case that Obama failed to follow through with was the imprisonment of Otto Warmbier in Jan. 2016.

After being arrested and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with hard labor after being convicted for attempted theft of a propaganda poster from his hotel, Obama decided not to plea for the release of Warmbier with paranoia of offending the hostile rogue nation.

Not only did Trump and Tillerson vie for Warmbier’s return to his family but also promised strong retaliation after Warmbier was laid to rest shortly following his return. Some had speculated Warmbier had suffered from botulism while undergoing hard labor, with reports describing his return to his family as less than pleasant having been blind, deaf and howling moments days before his death.

President Trump got three black basketball players for committing virtually the same crime against a communist regime, released after only a week of them being imprisoned. But Obama let a Caucasian, Otto Warmbier, sit in a North Korean prison for 17 months. And Warmbier was tortured beyond speculation having died a week after returning home, a case that could have been dealt with.

But President Trump is apparently the racist? Don’t bet on the mainstream media to comment on this.



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