Jeff Sessions Directs Special Counsel to Investigate the Clintons

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taken the continued pleas of Republicans and President Trump to appoint a special counsel of alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium one deal with Russia.

Sessions directed senior federal prosecutors on Monday to investigate the circumstances of the deal and in addition $500,000 worth of Moscow speaking fees to Bill Clinton on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, according to a letter obtained by The Washington Post.

The Clinton foundation was criticized during the 2016 campaign for running a pay-for-play scheme to receive gifts, favors, and donations in exchange for government secrets.

In 2010, Russia’s atomic energy agency acquired a complete stake in Uranium One, a Canadian company which harbored 20 percent of American uranium. The purchase was approved by a government committee that included representatives of nine agencies, including Mrs. Clinton’s State Department.

What makes matters more auspicious for the Clinton’s, and suspicious, was that the large donors in Uranium One and a separate company contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), has called for Sessions to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the concerns since Trump was inaugurated. The President also used Twitter to criticize his attorney general for not looking into matters regarding the Clinton foundation and Russia. The president Fox News and other Conservative outlets have made it a large part of their commentaries to investigate collusion between the Clinton’s and Russia and in addition Ukraine.

Goodlatte also called on Sessions to investigate the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state and former which has long been scrutinized. former FBI director James Comey, asking for a special counsel to evaluate the leaks he directed about his conversations with President Trump along with his leaked memos to the press, which has long been scrutinized.

During the second presidential debate on Oct 9, 2016 it was President Trump who vowed to appoint a special counsel to look into the Clinton email investigation and quirked in a response to Clinton that “you’d be in jail” if he was in charge of the rule of law in this country.


Hillary Clinton has recently reserved her media appearances since Donna Brazile’s bombshell book titled, Hacks, which alludes to the Democratic National Committee rigging the Democratic party in favor of Hillary Clinton. Though there is arguably just as much of a riff within the Republican party than the Democrats, what has always been a unifying agent among Conservatives is when there is bad news for the former secretary of state.

Sessions decision to go after the corruption of the past administration fuels both the Republican establishment and the Populist branch of Conservatism.


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