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A Legitimate Win for the Democrats?

The governor elections in Virginia and New Jersey, saw an sub-emergence of the Democratic Party though they came from traditional and uprising blue states. I would not jump as fast as most media outlets would and say this is what the forecast looks like during the mid terms of 2018.

The Democratic Party is still squabbling with each other. You have some members  still screaming about ‘What Happened’ to Hillary Clinton, while others are saying they should’ve stayed with Bernie and others just wanting a new and defined agenda. Still the party remains split on Obamacare, and its continual move to the left in some fractions   and some think that the corruption inside stands with in the old guard wanting a new were in fresher face within the Democratic Party before they feel like the party can even move forward.

The Democratic Party might be taking swipes at the Republican Party. But the Republicans are also dealing with a divided establishment and Populist war riling up “our splits inside or not against the message, we have issues how we deliver the message” where in the Democratic Party there is no message because there are six different messages being streamed at the same time.

So are these two wins significant for the hopes of the Democratic Party? I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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