Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey recast in ‘All The Money in the Word’

As the allegations against Kevin Spacey continue to cause a stir across the country, Kevin Spacey has been recast in ‘All the Money in the World,’ which is scheduled for release Dec. 22.

Replacing Spacey will now be Academy Award-winning actor Christopher Plummer as J. Paul Getty instead of Spacey. The film is based off the Getty’s grandson’s infamous 1973 kidnapping.  Director Ridley Scott informed Sony of his decision to recast the film on Wednesday afternoon, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Reshooting for All the Money in the World has already begun with Plummer in all the scenes that originally featured Spacey. Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, who are also starring in the film, were part of a group that agreed to reshoot Spacey’s scenes.

Spacey’s ouster comes as more and more sexual assault allegations against the actor are made. Spacey was scheduled to star in a number of projects. He was recently cut from ‘House of Cards’ and Netflix confirmed that they would not be moving forward with the film ‘Gore’ which starred and was produced by Kevin Spacey.

Studio officials with ‘All the Money in the World’ say the release date will not be affected. This is the second occurrence when filmmakers fought to ensure their film was not doomed by scandal. ‘Wind River’ writer/director Taylor Sheridan, stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen and producers Basil Iwanyk and Matthew George took back control of the film from the Weinstein Company after several women claimed the former TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein molested them.

Scott once before was forced to deal with re-shooting on a film, following the death of Oliver Reed in the Oscar winning Gladiator. However, the circumstances were very much different than the situation that Scott found himself in this case. The film was originally set to have its world premiere at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles on Nov. 16 but was pulled earlier this week amid the sexual harassment reports surrounding Spacey.


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