Kevin Spacey Exemplifies Hollywood’s Gruesome Culture of Power and Sexual Abuse

Kevin Spacey has been accused of sexually molesting actor Anthony Rapp during a Hollywood party in 1986. But it’s okay because he want to live life “open and honestly” as a gay man.

The PR team of Spacey had to have known that these allegations would have been a disaster to the two time Oscar winner unless they could bend a twist to the story that so many among the political elite, mainstream news media, and Hollywood admirers would empathize with. It is no secret that Spacey was gay but he had never formally come out. Why not use an incident of disgraceful criminal misconduct to claim victim status?

This is a dangerous trend. Because Caitlyn Jenner killed a man in a vehicular accident, he gets a pass because coming forth as a transgender woman among a privileged class of elites shows a true form of bravery that deserves to be distributed in every magazine in the world.

Rapp, who has described himself as queer for most of his adult life, broke the story to Ronan Farrow of the New Yorker. Farrow, who has been an important figure in unraveling the Harvey Weinstein case, may never have been able to break the story if he didn’t get the go ahead on Weinstein. It was NBC News that tried to kill the Weinstein story years before, even though everyone in Hollywood knew about the disgraced film moguls’ behavior. It is no surprise that mainstream outlets have a cozy spot for entertainers typically hailing celebrities in the arts as role model citizens because, let’s face it, the lives of important people, keeps the ratings of ‘mainstream news’ in survival.

But the lifestyle of living a life behind a camera, putting on a mask to control the perception of your life can cause serious pressure and lead to horrifying and damaging actions. In no way is this a defense of Hollywood’s sins, but it resembles an industry that is design for those in power to abuse it. Combine this with an industry that was formed on the sexism, commodification,and exploitation of women to sell tickets. When those in power will do anything to seek actresses who will be used to these sell tickets based on their looks, that is when abuse seems obvious, henceforth the casting couch.

Spacey wrote a Facebook post apologizing for the incident, saying that he could not recall it ever happening and if it did it was part of, “drunken behavior.”

Weinstein’s revelations opened the door for accusers to come forward with their stories who refused to be silenced from libel or payouts. Actors, screenwriters, and directors like Ben Affleck, Oliver Stone, James Toback, Roy Price, Chris Savino, and Lockhart Steele have all faced serious allegations. But the Weinstein case has opened the door in creating a culture where people are more willing and unafraid to talk about incidences that have happened that have led to serious emotional distress. An NBC/WSJ Poll found that 48 percent of women faced some form of unwanted sexual advances in the workplace.

Rapp also added early Monday morning, “I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out to shine a light and hopefully make a difference, as they have done for me.”

Spacey has just been accused of sexual misconduct by a second victim. As this story continues to be ongoing, it is important to note that there is currently a successful push in creating a dialog to help expose the ongoing abuse of power, sexual harassment, and child molestation in Hollywood.


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