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Ex-President Barack Obama summoned for jury duty

CHICAGO,  October 28, 2017 — Former President Barack Obama has been called up for jury duty. Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told county officials that Obama has been summoned for jury duty next month in Illinois.

While Obama currently lives in Washington D.C., he maintains a residency in Kenwood, Chicago. There is no set date for when he will serve jury duty.  Obama has been enjoying his post-presidency life. He has kite-surfed in the Virgin Islands and attended a Broadway show with his oldest daughter Malia. Most recently he along with former Presidents, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Bush Sr., made an appearance during a Texas hurricane relief concert last week.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the court is preparing for Obama’s arrival by taking extra security measures. Obama was previously called up for jury duty in 2010 but missed it due to a meeting he had with an Iraqi dignitary.

Barack Obama is not the only celebrity to serve on a jury. Both Chicago natives Oprah Winfrey and Lawrence Tureaud (Mr. T) have been summoned. Oprah served on a 2004 jury which ended up convicting the defendant. Mr. T ended up not being selected as a juror. Both former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been summoned to jury duty. Bush ended up not being picked as a juror.  Clinton was also not picked for a case involving a gang shooting in the Bronx.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was also called for jury duty during his time in the White House but ended up not being chosen as a juror. In 2015, Chief Justice John Roberts was summoned for jury duty but was also not selected. According to a jury FAQ, Obama will receive $17.20 for each day he serves as a jury.  Obama has remained silent on his upcoming jury duty.



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