Trump’s Call to the Gold Star Widow Might Have been a Setup.

On Monday, Myesha Johnson, the widow of fallen soldier Sgt. David Johnson, who along with four other U.S. soldiers were killed during an ambush from Islamic State militants, sat down with ABC’s Good Morning’s George Stephanopoulos to recount her phone call with President Trump.

She expressed her disapproval with the conversation she had, and that Frederica Wilson’s (D-FL) account of her overhearing the conversation was accurate. The statement that Wilson heard which has caused outrage on both sides of the political aisles, one with anger towards Wilson and one towards Trump, was that the President stated the men in Niger ““must have known what he signed up for.” Though Trump called Wilson’s claim as a “total fabrication,” White House Chief of Staff John Kelly confirmed it during a White House press briefing, but remarked that it was taken out of context.

Based on the interview with Stephanopoulos, Johnson may have revealed a major conflict of interest based on Wilson being extremely close to the Johnson family. Wilson has said vile things about the President in the past including being a voice for the “impeach” and “resist” movements within the Democratic party. Johnson tells Stephanopoulos that the family has known Wilson all their lives.

“She’s well connected with us because she’s been in our family since we were little kids.”

Whether, Wilson, who is now self-loathing in the “Rockstar” level fame, was morally obliged to step in during a Presidential phone call with a grieving widow or not, her actions turned what should have been a private moment into a divisive grandstand. The best actions for Wilson should have been to look at the implications of politicizing the phone call and the effect it would have during an already boiling political climate. It seems politicians are more focused on working for their own parties interest, playing teams, and not focused on, or are too conceited to know what could further unify the country.

Though Ms. Johnson was displeased with the phone call she received from the President, the other widows found solace in the words of President Trump. But it is apparent that George Stephanopoulos doesn’t have the time for those interviews.

In a major contrast of emotions, one of the widows, Natasha De Alencar, remarked that Trump took the time to “do his research” and helped them during a major time of grievance.

Wilson’s record of far left ideas may have convinced Ms. Johnson to oppose the President’s call at all cost. Trump virtually said similar things to the widows, yet was met with a different reaction when a Trump hater and Leftist agitator Politician had a great influence on the family growing up. With all due respect to Ms. Johnson’s loss, this politicization of a major U.S. tragedy does not do any justice for the fall soldiers in Niger, especially an American hero like David Johnson.


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