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Mysteries Surround Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas, Nevada, 10/4/2017- 64 year old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a country music festival which resulted in the deaths of fifty-nine people and injured over five-hundred.

Paddock had no history of criminal behavior nor any history of mental health disturbances. He had no military training, but was able to increase the deadliness of his spree by choosing an elevated position that gave him an unobstructed view of concertgoers. Jim Cavanaugh, a retired special agent with the ATF, said, “Shooting from such an elevated position into such a dense crowd, one would expect this carnage.”

More mysteries abound when one takes a closer inspection at the events of Sunday night. Two windows were broken out of Paddock’s hotel room. Could this imply that there were two shooters? In addition, twenty-three guns were found in his hotel room. Why would one shooter need twenty-three guns? Supposedly, Paddock was in a room surrounded with guns and ran back and forth between two windows shooting down at the crowd.

This is not where the oddities end. There are reports that a woman ran into the crowd hours before the shooting occurred, forced her way into the front and proclaimed that everyone there was going to die. She was removed by security. Who was this woman? Was she a mentally ill individual who merely managed to get it right for once or did she have advance knowledge of what was going to occur? If she did have advance knowledge of what was going to occur how did she obtain it? Authorities have not yet found this woman.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack despite the fact that Paddock was not a Muslim. It is possible that this is a case of deception, but the Islamic State has attacked concerts in the past, such as the Ariana Grande concert. Normally, the Islamic State does not make false claims. Repeated losses may have made them desperate to regain some of their reputation with other radical Islamic organizations.

Reports are emerging that claim Paddock was “descending into madness” before the shooting. He had developed a slovenly appearance, lost weight and became obsessed with his girlfriend’s ex-husband. Why had Paddock developed mental health problems so late in life? He seems to not have had any mental health problems in the past. Paddock’s brother was completely shocked to learn that he had carried out the shooting. It is conceivable that Paddock merely kept this madness under wraps for decades, but what caused it to spark now and in such a dramatic way? Paddock was neither registered as a Democrat or a Republican, so it is doubtful there were any sort of political motives in the attack.





















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