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Tom Price Resigns

Tom Price — former Congressman of Georgia from the 6th district and also a former neurosurgeon has recently resigned amidst controversy for having spent more than $1 million on private flights. Don Wright, the current assistant secretary for the HHS is scheduled to take his place later on as the acting HHS Secretary.

Earlier today Trump teased that he was not happy with Tom Price’s activities. Trump campaigned on draining the swamp. Tom Price flying around with private jets does not symbolically represent what Trump was trying to do during the campaign. However, Tom Price’s net-worth is strong enough that he could pay for it himself and he will — with a net-worth of $13.3 million.

While Tom Price was in Congress he was notable for being a budget hawk, he criticized the government for having a proposal in 2009 that was worth $550 million to allow government planes for government officials for being “fiscal irresponsibility.”

The HHS has said in a statement that they are looking into whether

“on whether the travel complied with Federal Travel Regulations, but may encompass other issues related to the travel.”

Tom Price also backed budgets that cut cost to the CDC, the NIH and cut access to the website to register for Obamacare limiting access to people who could sign up for it. In his defense, he claims that he was using his paycheck for the flight.

Tom Price has gotten himself in a conundrum of trouble and it led to him resigning from the Trump administration. I will continue to keep an eye out for updates with regards to whom the WH is going to replace him with long-term.


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