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Friday Briefing: Trump’s Approval Rating is on the Rise

Given the effective efforts made by the President in his response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and, in addition, his successful UN speech which strengthened ties with the Jordanian and Egyptian Presidents, along with getting China, Japan. and South Korea to the table against North Korea, the approval rating of the Presidency is on the rise.

According to Fivethirtyeight, an average of the President’s job approval rating, Trump has leaped to an average of 42 percent, which is his personal best since the inauguration. Trump’s approval rating typically hovered around 37 percent during the preceding months with strong support from his base.

The importance of having China to cut business ties with North Korea might lead to the collapse of the final state influenced by Cold War Politics. 

Trump is now changing the minds of the American People. The economy is booming, jobs are being created, and soon tax reform and healthcare legislations will be voted on. Like Ronald Reagan, Trump started his Presidency with low approval ratings. The legacy of a Conservative icon might have its second coming with the Trump-populist agenda.


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