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A History Lesson on How North Korea Got ‘Rocket Man’

From 1910 to the end of World War II Korea was ruled by Japan.

Kim Il Sung was captain of the 1st battalion/88th detached infantry brigade, under the command of Joseph Stalin. Kim Il Sung was a well known and feared guerrilla fighter, who hated Japan with deep passion. He called them “the imperialists” until the day he died.

The Japanese Empire was collapsed by the United States at the conclusion of World War II with the controversial Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

After the cold war, Korea was split into the North and South. The Soviet Union and communism influenced the North. The United States influenced the South. They were separated by the 38th parallel, which is the world’s largest demilitarized zone.

In North Korea, Stalin became known as “STALIN THE GREAT COMMANDER,” and Kim Il Sung became known as the “NATIONAL HERO COMMANDER.”

Stalin was so impressed with the tenacity and leadership skills of Kim Il Sung, there were pictures of Kim Il Sung and Stalin placed next to each other everywhere. From an implemented Marxist inspired Stalinism, Kim Il Sung became the first communist dictator of North Korea. It became known as the Stalin State.

And Mao’s China also become a State of Marxism forming the People’s Republic of China which become, if humanly possibly, more than Stalin’s own, leading to the massive purge of between 40 and 70 million of its own of people. These are clear indicators of a Karl Marx revolutionary that with human desire, cannot work without the ruling of intolerance, oppression, and brutality.

With the Soviet’s and North Korea’s lust for control over all of Korea, they crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea in 1950. This engaged a war between the U.S./South Korea on one side and the Soviets/North Korea on the other.

During this war, it’s estimated that the U.S. dropped 635,000 tons of bombs on North Korea, including 32,000 tons of napalm.

General Curtis May, head of the strategic air command, said they burned down every town in North Korea and killed 20 percent of the population. There were actually more towns destroyed then there was in Japan or Germany during World War II.

This war was bloody on both sides. 33,652 American soldiers perished and 7,747 are still M.I.A. South Korea lost 415,000.

A cease-fire happened in 1953, but the 38th parallel remains to this day. Troops from both sides still face off with one another. There was never a peace treaty signed. So, technically North and South Korea are still at war.

That is why North Korea must implode under its own weight. It is the final remnant of the Cold War. Trump’s action to get China to the negotiating table and have President Xi withdraw the Chinese Banks from doing business with North Korea will result in an imminent perish of the rogue nation.

Are you beginning to understand why North Korea hates Japan, South Korea, and the United States now?

Do you also understand why those on the far left would side with Kim Jong Un over their own President? They themselves admire the Dictators Marxist/Stalinist inspired regime and will continuously work to undermine free speech as they have demonstrated. Their disdain for the U.S. is rooted in a belief that everyone must worship government instead of God. A government that robs its citizens of the capabilities to think for themselves. Sounds a lot like the North Korean’s flocking to their leader Kim Jong Un. Communism will always require a dictatorship.

Luckily the mass starvation and revelation of China’s decision will spread the incentive among the people and generals in North Korea to rebel. If you cannot provide for your people, then they become slaves to a system. They will find the truth rather quickly.

By the way, Kim Il Sung is Kim Jong Un’s grandfather.

David Ratliff and Alex Massaad 
American Party for PRESIDENT Trump

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