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Hard Left Has A Point Protesting Against Nancy Pelosi on DACA, Yet They’re Still Dumb

The Far Left is taking a stance against establishment Democrats. It has become normalised for establishment-type House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to utilise bloviated rhetoric to appeal to their parties turn from the center, but they have not delivered, especially on immigration.

During the Obama administration there were twice as many deportations than the Bush years according to ICE statistics and Trump’s deportation numbers lag behind that of Obama’s.  In addition, though Obama enforced an executive overreach by enacting DACA in 2012, his Congress failed to spend the allotted time to get the bill passed. This falls on the hands of Pelosi, Schumer, and Harry Reid. The Hard Left has shown they are not too keen on Pelosi staying in power having called for her removal since Trump’s inauguration.

Pelosi or her security horribly displayed an ineffective prescient to determine the backlash of her press conference in San Francisco on Monday. Pelosi was forced to leave the podium and exit promptly after sparring words with the Dreamer activists.

The event was a clear sign of the division within the Democratic Party. It showed the liberals pitted against the socialists. But is it fair to call these Socialists, members of the Democratic Party or individuals that have sold their souls for a cause built on self-determination? A cause that has taken steps to undermine the legitimacy of the United States Constitution. A cause for the demands that cannot and will not coincide with what the Democratic Party represents.

This was yet another strategy made by the hard left to undermine speech such as during the Berkeley appearance made by Ben Shapiro. The more the self determined Radical Left obsesses themselves with the appearances of others excluding the straight white male, the more of a danger they present to hardworking American citizens. Their ideology is by definition divisive. Placing people into a category of thought by their appearance is actually racist and flat out ignorant. Without looking at the actions, and self preservation of the individual, the hard left will continue to create more division within the Democratic Party and discredit themselves in the eyes of the American people. Unfortunately, the mainstream media will never catch on given their money is flown in and out of the pockets of hard left globalists philanthropists that continue to ram the Identity Politics initiative day in and day out. ABC is a prime example of this display.

The only thing the Democratic Party have tied to this Socialist revolution, influenced and grown largely in part by the Bernie Sanders movement, is the binding mold of identity Politics and use of emotional tactics to influence decision making.

It’s a bit daunting to watch Dreamer recipients play this card that those who look different or come from different backgrounds have to think the same. The same case can be made for the Emmy Awards Ceremony whose ratings hit an all-time low. Not much of a coincidence. Again, another example of CBS, a mainstream source, displaying the Identity Politics card.

And nothing excites the ‘Common Man’ more than the royal class celebrating one another, criticizing capitalism which gave them their status to power and influence, and lecturing those underneath them with blatant lies and gross overstatements. Stephen Colbert’s job was easy that night. Deliver another one of his monologues that he regularly provides from his Late Show. And nobody was laughing at the sheer ignorance of the Hollywood Hypocrisy which labels the United States and it’s fairly elected President as sexist when at the same time, Hollywood sells tickets as the most sexist industry in the nation.

But to attack Nancy Pelosi is not quite the most intelligent tactic by the hard left. Though ineffective, Pelosi has pushed the window to keep the policy of DACA in place unlike a large number of those in the Republican Party. But who can meet the demands of this movement? Open-borders, amnesty, mass migration, lesser criminal sentences, universal healthcare, and free college tuition. Sounds like a Bernie Sanders Platform. And a good idea to run the U.S. economy dry and raise the unemployment rate.

The hard left has somewhat of a point at protesting against the ineffective leader Nancy Pelosi on DACA, however they are too intellectually feeble to understand their needs cannot be met unless one were to remove a system in place widely regarded for being democratic.


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