Poor Quarterback Play this Season is Putting Kaepernick Back in the Spotlight

NFL players are speaking out against the NFL which has seemingly blacklisted former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick because of his focus towards political activism.

Players and fans have argued that Kaepernick’s play is more than enough to have teams consider him for a roster spot. A quick recap of Kaepernick’s track record include a Super Bowl and NFC Championship appearance with the 49ers and three trips to the playoffs. Though just last season he managed to throw for 16 touchdowns against only 4 interceptions, he failed to win any games which is the most important statistic for a quarterback in the NFL. He was also sacked an enormous amount of times and just as recent as 2014 set a club record of being sacked 52 times.

It is clear Kaepernick does not throw that many interceptions but he also does not throw for that many yards which led to him suffering a 0-12 record in 2016 and a 2-6 record in 2015. His 3rd down conversion rate was putrid and he fumbled the football 7 times, a statistic attributed to the number of sacks he took.

Breaking down Colin Kaepernick’s play shows he could make the big plays that certainly grabs people’s attention, however he has a less than superb pocket presence, cannot effectively manage to pick up first downs, lost his ability to drive his team to score at will, regularly has his team lose to subpar football teams and most importantly, does not win games.

So based on Kaepernick’s play, should the outspoken quarterback be on an NFL roster in 2017?


There are about 6 teams that really need to consider their quarterback situation. The dismal highlights from some of the quarterbacks in week 2 only sheds light on the circumstance surrounding Kaepernick.

Should Colin Kaepernick be a starting quarterback on an NFL roster in 2017?

Absolutely not.

Since Kaepernick has shown such an ineffectiveness to win games, why would he seem like a viable option over Bryan Hoyer, Josh McCown, Tyrod Taylor, or Mike Glennon?

If Kaepernick is in the best shape of his life then, if anything, he deserves a position as a backup or number 3 quarterback in a position to work his way up, learn the system, and compete. Unfortunately for a team to be successful, their quarterback has to be a pocket passer. There was an exception to Kaepernick’s dual threat Superbowl season of 2012 but the team had tremendous talent that year and arguably should have won a championship before Kaepernick ever became the starter. Even Cam Newton has shown ability to stand firmly in the pocket and take the big hit.

Generally speaking, should Colin Kaepernick be on an NFL roster?


Colin Kaepernick was on his way to being signed by the Baltimore Ravens until his girlfriend, Nessa, tweeted an image depicting Ray Lewis as an Uncle Tom towards Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. Lewis, a longtime face of the franchise, was made a reference to a character from “Django Unchained”: Bisciotti as Leonardo DiCaprio, a plantation owner, and Lewis as Samuel L. Jackson, his loyal house slave, respectively.

This is the problem with Colin Kaepernick. It’s the social circle he has surrounded himself with. Managers fear that his focus is not on football entirely given the fact he is embracing Radical Left ideologies and socialist groups such as Black Lives Matter.

His ploy to disrespect the American Flag with little explanation other than making emotional remarks that the first country that abolished slavery is currently oppressing black people and wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs does little to salvage his cause as a pro athlete trying to seek employment.

At the end of the day the NFL is a business and it’s as close of an analogy as an employer searching your facebook page. If there are things they don’t like, then they won’t hire you. Businesses fire employees for making incendiary remarks or making unintelligible statements. If an employer feels like you are going to bring controversy with you and create a distraction to the business which in this case is trying to win games by playing at a high level every week than they are not going to hire you plain and simple.

And Kaepernick has shown that he is not going to give up his activism anytime soon. If signed, he will likely create a distraction and create conflict within the locker room amongst players that might be conservative who vehemently disagree with his stance on desecrating the American Flag which allows for his freedom to take a knee during the national anthem in the first place.

Last month, NFL legend Jim Brown had sobering remarks about Colin Kaepernick’s great intentions but his unintelligible way of protesting the flag.

Kaepernick is now in the news again and fans of the polarizing figure are anxiously waiting for him to get his shot.


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