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Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrats Arguably Apply Religious Testing Against Catholic Nominees

Notre Dame Law School Professor and President Donald Trump’s nominee for a judge in federal appeals courts for the 7th circuit based in Chicago, Ill.,  Amy Barrett, was given a bizarre line of questioning during a hearing against the Senate judiciary committee. Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen was also evaluated in the same manner.

2017-09-13 (5)

Amy Barrett listens to the California Senator during her confirmation hearing.

Barrett has been known to write about her faith in public life and is an outspoken Roman Catholic. Many Far Left-Wing groups, which typically do not align with any ordinance to religious faith such as the Alliance for Justice (AFJ), had alleged that Barrett executed religious dogma advocating her religious views to conflict with her law profession. What is even more outrageous is that fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Cal.) actually paid attention to these groups and used it to apply a disputable religious test during Barrett’s hearing. Given the full capacity between Church and State in the United States of America, a country built on Judeo-Christian values, it would be unethical for Senators to question the faith of a Notre Dame Law Professor who has the absolute capacitated freedom to practice any religion that she so well chooses.

But imagine if Barrett had been an outspoken Muslim, often prayed at a mosque, and openly advocated Jihad in the United States as Left Wing Civil Rights Coalitions along with Linda Sarsour has done since President Trump’s inauguration. And Feinstein had given the same line of question, or moreso to prove the point, a Republican such as Marco Rubio had given that line of questioning.

The Left would be outraged, instilling their hatred all across social media. This would be headlined on the frontpage in The New York Times and Washington Post. Rubio would more than likely receive death threats and have to be closely guarded by security guards for the coming weeks.

One could imagine such a horrendous week it would be for Mr. Rubio given that his State was decimated in areas along the West Coast of Florida such as Key West and Naples. Hurricane Irma is now wallowing up throughout the middle of Georgia into Savannah and along the Carolina coasts.

Senator Feinstein released a statement to the National Review to further vindicate herself from any wrongdoing, saying that she never in the past applied a litmus test:

“I have never and will never apply a religious litmus test to nominees — nominees of all religious faiths are capable of setting aside their religious beliefs while on the bench and applying the Constitution, laws and Supreme Court precedents. However, I try to scrutinize nominees’ records to understand whether they are committed to being impartial and whether they can faithfully apply precedent.”

If there is a golden rule about vindicating yourself of wrongdoing, one would think to not make a vindicating statement and then proceed to use the words, however. That right there proves that Feinstein takes issue with the Church and State clause. Upon further look at the context of what she was saying it is clear that her two separate sentences are contradicting.

What had Feinstein actually implied in this situation? The Christian faith in no way shape or form is dogmatic and tries to force other individuals at joining the faith at a high cost. The Christian faith does not oppress people on the bases of their sex, skin color, or religious enemies. In fact it preaches constantly to love thy enemies and treat others the way they want to be treated.

So if Miss Barrett was using her faith of generosity and compassion to make decisions as a federal judge, then what fault can be appropriated there? There is in fact a religion that preaches to Fight the non-believers wherever they walk, stresses that woman can be prone to honor killings, and domesticated rape, and repeatedly calls the deniers of Allah’s theism as “The Losers.” I think that religion is self evident.

We are coming to a point in our time where Literary academics and Scholars who have written extensively on the subject of “The Other” in American society or the groups that appear marginalized is becoming to cause more hatred against the system create evidence of a lack of equality. It is fueling this outrage at what seems to be the majority or the privileged class.

Treating the Islamic faith as a minority and a marginalized groups has the tinge of causing the US to appear as a systemically prejudice society where it is more than justified to attack those with the Christian or Jewish faith. The dogmatic approach from Senator Feinstein to accuse a federal nominee only riles up the hate movement of the Radical Left opposition which is now more than ever inclined to believe that Christianity and a person’s skin color being white is demonstrative evidence that those same people are conceiving an effort to affect the sovereignty of other religions or other cultural ways of life.


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