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Dear Racial Nationalists, You Are Not Helping.

The Ku Klux Klan is an organization supposedly dedicated to white interests. To quote them, “Love of Race, Love of Nation, Love of Faith. This is our Goal — This is our Hope.” Now, this sounds like a lovely proposition. Is not one of the crucial values we grow up with love of our family? Race and nation are extensions of family so there is nothing inherently wrong with loving one’s race and nation. So, I must ask, where is the Klan’s efforts to alleviate poverty in the rural Appalachian mountains? Poverty among these pure descendants of Anglo-Celtic settlers is rampant, with 19 percent living below the poverty line.

If the Klan truly embodies “love of race” and “love of nation” would not one expect them to have soup kitchens and relief efforts directed towards lifting whites out of poverty? In their more than a century of being a civic organization, they have never once managed to do anything helpful for the race they claim to love and represent. Rather, they have only perpetrated violence towards members of other races. During their peak of activity in the early twentieth century, they killed countless African-Americans and worsened race relations.

They are not the only organization claiming to be founded upon love of one’s race, yet have harmed their race. The Black Panthers were founded upon “undying love for their people.” To be fair, their track record is significantly better than that of the Ku Klux Klan. As a socialist organization, they were interested in alleviating poverty and the struggle of the working class. Towards that end, they did feature a free breakfast for children in impoverished neighborhoods. They also spoke out against rampant police violence.

However, Black Nationalism is not without a violent streak. Eldridge Cleaver, a member of the Black Panthers, bragged about raping white women and considered such an “insurrectionary act.” The Black Panthers also marched through the streets carrying guns and once stormed the California Legislature.

The original Black Panther Party broke up during the seventies due to internal conflicts. This led to radicals taking over the organization. The New Black Panther Party has embraced the same violent, hate filled ideology found among the most vile white supremacists. To give an example of this, King Samir Shabazz, a leader of the New Black Panther Party, advocated killing white babies. Another leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, advocated violence against the Jews. This sort of violent rhetoric has done nothing to heal the racial divide in this country, but has only widened it.

It is amazing how often those who claim to be working out of love of nation, or patriotism, or racial pride often fall to violence or hatred towards others. This sort of hatred and violence is never acceptable and only serves to create distrust and turmoil. If racial nationalists truly cared about the plight of their people, they would not focus on hatred towards other races. Rather, they would actually help members of their own race trapped by poverty, ignorance, drug addiction, crime and the other chains that hold humanity aback.








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