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Inside Hillary Clinton’s Election Blame Game

Hillary Clinton’s list of excuses for her embarrassing loss in the 2016 presidential election continues to grow coming up on her newly released book, “What Happened,” which chronicles her sociopathic tendencies to continually view herself as the victim.

Clinton created a movement that was clearly not as massive and rapidly growing as the Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda which appealed to the working class.

A large fraction of her campaign relied on the embrace of Identity Politics. Her rallies consisted of calling out racism, sexism and hate speech wherever it came from. But the question is what actually makes a clear exemplification of hate speech? If someone sounds provocative without inciting violence, should you still rile up your base to further hate, oppose and not tolerate that individual? This is the reason as to what dooms political correctness as subjective of a concept as it is. It voices the way people speak and behave which does the privilege of perceiving the color of someone’s skin to determine their outcome. This is social justice and by definition granted the fact one deserves something based on the group you belong in places freedoms out of the individuals hands. This is unequal outcome and this is evil in it of itself.

Of those with a different colored skin than white, who believed in Trump’s agenda and did not view their own color as oppressed in a contemporary society that has been called as doing so, become someone that is deemed opposers of a movement that the Radical Left wants to embrace. Therefore they should be ignored.

Another case in point is the out of touch reality of Hillary Clinton and her supporters in believing that an ideological concept can disguise itself as a women’s issue. For example, Planned Parenthood which offers birth control and monopolizes abortion clinics across the country. This does the inexplicable wonder of carrying out the mass genocide of 300,000 babies per year. It remains unprecedented the number of partial birth and late-term abortions commited by this ideological group because they continually cite the court case Colautti v. Franklin, which leaves viability periods up to the doctors. This merely proves the lack of empathy of PP clinics to take the matters into their own hands in determining a late-term fetus. They have stated a 24 week cutoff period but what makes this a significant change over 21 weeks, 22 weeks, and 23 weeks. Some fetuses grow at different rates than others. Is it still not empathetic that PP does not use their time and resources to determine the viability of the fetus?

So when Hillary Clinton hijacks her candidacy as the candidate that stands with Planned Parenthood, why should women jump on that bandwagon? Again, what Clinton is doing is sandbagging the issue and socializing woman to specific groups that have to think the same and participate in group think. Example: If she is a woman, she must think this way. Given the diverse scope of this country, this robbery of free thought is actually sexist and regressive on the part of the Clinton movement that continually is declining since she has failed to accept responsibility for a lazily run campaign.

Clinton also blamed Gullible Americans for believing in Trump’s ’empty promises’ and ‘fear tactics.’ The only Gullible Americans I sense in this scenario is those believing in the myth Gender Wage Gap. A completely false narrative used as a political weapon to make our patriarchal society be viewed as morally wrong and oppressive. If we are using the same metric the Left wing radicals use to push this phony narrative, then we would see that the Clinton Foundation pays it’s men much more significantly than its women. But as said before, women not only choose jobs that pay a lot less but naturally tend to lean towards motherhood often working less than their male counterparts.

So where is Hillary Clinton these days? She pops out to give an interview every so often, but is she actually fighting for justice and equality in this country? Will she ever change and accept full responsibility for her election loss?

Probably not. Over and over again she has expressed a deeper narcissism than President Trump. This type of narcissism is rooted into an intrinsic belief that if things do not end up your way, then there is a fault in the situation placing you as the victim. The narcissism may not be as blatant as President Trump’s but it is a much larger degree given that it is built on a psychological renaissance of personal fate and hiding from the truth.



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