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Remembering 9/11 Presents Another Task Down South in the Homeland

As President Trump delivered a solemn speech at the Pentagon on Monday morning in remembrance of a national landmark hit on a date that would forever impact the pathway for the coming years of the United States. Trump reassured the families of the ‘heroic’ men and women who risked their lives to save countless others that there loss was not for nothing.

Vice President Pence was in Shanksville, PA in the field where flight United 93 had crashed after the brave passengers realized of the potential hijacking and bravely fought to take control of the plane from the Islamic terrorists. The flight a mere 20 minutes from its intended target, the Capitol Building in D.C.

As 9/11 Commemorations concluded, the world could not help but alert their attention to the growing winds up the west coast of Florida. Even in remembering the Americans that lost their lives that fateful day, it resonates among the shear suffering faced down down south in the homeland.

The affluent city of Naples was hit especially hard by heavy winds as homes were reduced to rubble. A famous video of a water spout shrouded the city of Miami which was hit harder than originally expected to be even as the storm unexpectedly shift itself up the west coast and presumed to cause major floodings as far as Jacksonville. Now it will likely run course through Savannah, Ga and outwards towards the Carolina’s.

Houston was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. The efforts of solidarity amongst the Texans in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey proved of America’s grit and persistence in answering the call in a fight for their survival.

The erroneous jargon from news outlets not to denounce Radical Islamic Extremism by name still presents a growing weariness amongst the public eye. It frankly insults the honor of the brave victims of 9/11. As anyone would naturally want to know the name of someone who murdered a loved one of theirs, it has the effect of reducing this hate-driven evil of an ideology for what it is, which came into fruition as a result towards the intolerance of free thinkers and human rights across the world.

Tampa, Key West, Naples, Sarasota County, Miami and all Affected Areas were met with a challenge that through their calls for the ever so elusive God is likely imminent given that the scope of the storm is on its way to reducing from a category 5 to a tropical storm.

In dire circumstance, a prep list is definitely needed as it just as imperative to listen to surrounding law enforcement.

Families have hunkered down through the heavy winds tightening up their homes and deciding whether or not to evacuate.

To all those down in Florida, Eye on America News and the rest of the country is praying for your safety.



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