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With Hot Teams Streaking, Baseball is Back As America’s Favorite Pastime

Baseball has been enshrined into the annals of American Society just as much as the iconic image of wartime recruiter Uncle Sam. Well into the 2000s, with the emergence of faster paced and electrifying sports such as UFC and the advancement of performance in the NFL, and the NBA, some may argue that it left a gray area that baseball needed to address.

The ratings for baseball has been under constant peril as many spectators, particularly newer generations have become dissatisfied by the lack of excitement, fatigue of the players, and the erroneous duration of a 162 game season. These same sports-viewers have demanded a more captivating experience on television.

A case of resurgence can be made brought to you by the Cleveland Indians pulling off a franchise record 15 consecutive victories which has brought baseball back into the news. The high number of runs and constant action and scoring has given fans something to chew on.

Even the stellar defense from the starting pitching capped by a high number of strikeouts and unique pitching motions that are seemingly unhittable delivered by Corey Kluber and Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco, who are both in the hunt for the AL Cy Young Award, has grown a cult-like fan base outside of Cleveland.

“It’s fun, obviously,” Cleveland manager Terry Francona said to Fox Sports Ohio. “It’s been a productive road trip, I’ll give you that. Other than that, I just think there’s other things that hopefully we get caught up in. Like our defense being better.”

Indians logo

Chief Wahoo (Above), the Cleveland Indians mascot logo since 1947, has come under heated criticism from Civil Rights Groups that deem the depiction as racist. 

The pickup of Edwin Encarnacion as Designated Hitter tagged by the outstanding MVP performance play of Jose Ramirez, and young superstar Francisco Lindor has ensured Cleveland games are sold out through the duration of the final stretch of the season.

Even with injuries to seasoned stars such as Second Baseman Jason Kipnis and Outfielder Michael Brantley, the team is still thriving from a deep roster of high draft picks that are making their name during this long winning streak such as Bradley Zimmer and Greg Allen.

In addition, the Arizona Diamondbacks have orchestrated a 13 game winning streak, breathing down the neck of the popular division rival Los Angeles Dodgers, who have lost 11 of 12 games after streaking to the top of the standings. The Dodgers are in a major slump and even a large market like L.A. with an electrifying fanbase has grown concerned.

The 2016 Baseball World Series which featured the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs was largely anticipated by more than the fanbases who wanted to see two teams that longed for absolution after Championship droughts of 70 and 108 years.

Now, the Cleveland Indians will look for that absolution this season as they are playing the best baseball among the other MLB teams in the months of August and September. In fact, both the Indians and the Diamondbacks have not lost in the month of September.

Francona’s experience of taking a team hungry for a championship, as he did with his 2004 Boston Red Sox club, might be an important factor in October and would be a triumphant splendor for the future Hall of Fame coach.



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