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Michael Bennett: Victim or Race-Baiter?

There is an alarming coincidence for a man that uses his celebrity platform to decry racism and injustice towards the maltreatment of African Americans in the United States society, particularly law enforcement, then allegedly gets handcuffed by his arresting officer who holds him at gunpoint and yells, “I’ll blow your f***ing head off” while also being wrongfully accused based on the color of his skin.

What is more provocatively absurd is the response by the mainstream left to once again scream ‘Inequality’ without looking at all the facts.

The video obtained from TMZ shows Bennett being arrested repeatedly saying, “I did not do nothing.”

None of the allegations that Bennett described were made evident in the video. Bennett claimed he was singled out by the color of his skin. Yet, we have another situation where we are forced from the black-white paradigm that close-minded activist rail against without observing the facts. The arresting officer from the LVMPD was a Hispanic, so what narrative is Bennett trying to push forward?

What was even more daunting was the statement released by the NFL:

“Michael Bennett represents the best of the NFL — a leader on his team and in his community. Our foremost concern is the welfare of Michael and his family. While we understand the Las Vegas police department will address this later this evening, the issues Michael has been raising deserve serious attention from all of our leaders in every community. We will support Michael and all NFL players in promoting mutual respect between law enforcement and the communities they loyally serve and fair and equal treatment under the law.”

Given an organisation that’s come under repeated criticism for their handling of the Colin Kaepernick saga and owners not being willing to sign the polarized quarterback, it is understandable they come out with a statement to appease the social justice fanatics

Bennett was among the few NFL stars that joined Kaepernick’s protest in kneeling for the national anthem. Bennett also shares the same animosity Kaepernick has towards law enforcement. Kaepernick notoriously wore practice socks during a 49ers session which depicted police officers as pigs. No matter the case, Kaepernick and The Black Lives Matter Movement failed to heal race relations in the United States. BLM focused solely on policy and marginal issues facing the community rather than unifying action such as jobs, drugs, or gun violence in the inner cities.

It begs suspicion whether Bennett was at fault. It might imply that the arresting officer was looking for a man that was similar in appearance to Bennett by weight, height, and demeanor.

If the officer did not use excessive force and acted merely the way in which the video shows, then if done by mistake, there should be no fault against the LVMPD in the matter.

Here’s why.

The incident occurred at a Las Vegas casino two weeks ago. Bennett watched the Mayweather vs McGregor fight present at that casino. Once police entered the place looking for an armed assailant, Bennett panicked and started running from the casino when police officers arrived. So he had to have looked suspicious. Now if the Left can make assumptions, then hopefully I can as well. He must’ve been liquored up in that situation, because symptoms of being intoxicated include increased paranoia at the site of danger, and the fact his voice was whimpering when he was handcuffed by the arresting officer. So given the circumstance, the officer had reasonable intent to suspect that Bennett was involved.

And why wait now to tweet about the incident Mr. Bennett? Almost two weeks have passed since the touted fight on Pay-Per-View.

What Bennett is doing is engaging in a dangerous ploy that Kaepernick engaged in. This does not soften race relations but merely strains it. When one continually race-baits to portray a discriminatory oppressive system that is against African Americans you are contributing to animosity towards socialized groups. The officer was Hispanic. Can he not claim victimhood?

Facts do not care about your feelings, and the more Bennett politicizes his feelings that the institutions are racist without any factual evidence, then you are engaging in Black Identity.

Certainly Michael Bennett, a wealthy pro-football player has no relation to Black Lives Matter or African Americans growing up in the inner cities. So stop acting like you do. Stop claiming to be the victim. You most certainly are not.


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