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Wednesday Briefing: Liberals, Stop Blaming Trump for DACA!

There is virtually always opposition when it comes to the duration of a president’s term. Ronald Reagan never had the backs of establishment Democrats and Obama faced enormous contraria from the GOP and Fox News.

However, this is not to say that Trump faces an even larger opposition party. His opposition is much more complex than any other perhaps since Andrew Jackson in American History. In fact, the numbers are similar. Looking back at past presidents Reagan’s approval only hovered around 37 percent in his first couple of years in the White House. Obama also had similar numbers towards the end of his Presidency.

The opposition on Trump’s side seems to be much more vast, though it is not. The difference is the motives of the opposition. This is an unhinged movement built on hate and intolerance. Trump’s seemingly pompous personality at times has become such a threat towards political correctness that it has undermined the attempted progress of groups such as the Modern Left, Radical Leftist groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Cair, Establishment Democrats, Never Trump Republicans, and some Independents.

Hateful ideologues that have mounted in some of these movements are then given the platform to demagogue on Mainstream news outlets which then broadcast these narratives that Trump is racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic to the masses.

It is brutal, unprecedented and frankly unfair. It creates a politicization of character assassination, that if you agree with Trump’s policies no matter how much you despise the guy, you are still labeled in the same vulgar representation. The media feeds off of the passionate protesters that are in vehement opposition, the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

The fact that the media is hungry to sell itself for ratings in order capture footage of the opposition and push this facilitated agenda is the backbone behind the division in the United States.

In a hypothetical to which the media overall still was Left leaning, however, respected the office of the Presidency and addressed the President as ‘President’ and showed respect for capitalism, religious beliefs and the electorate system which got President Trump elected, you can make an argument that Trump’s approval ratings would fare much better.

But do not get too caught up in the polling. The polling should not necessarily be your best bet analysis on Trump’s approval rating giving most media conglomerates and Pollsters contain inane bias.

Rasmussen, which leans Conservative, shows in fact that the President is polling much better than other polls anticipate. But if there is enough evidence to this inane bias, just look at the election polls which predicted that Trump would lose to Clinton in Pennsylvania by an average of 2.1 points, Wisconson by a margin of 6.5, and Michigan by a margin of 3.6. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Sad!

The DACA announcement is just the latest display of Hollywood aggression and Liberal intolerance towards a President, who unlike Republicans, has expressed sympathy for the dreamer recipients allowed to stay in the country after their parents crossed them illegally as children.

First of all, this is another marginal issue the Left loves to prop up as a top priority to deal with because it is disguised as an emotionally sympathetic fairytale. Hollywood does the same as they strive on making a living off of dream-like realities brought to the big screen while making a fortune off of others people’s real emotions. Seems like they’d fit the billing to get behind this one.

Second, there is real suffering in this country done to American citizens. DACA recipients are eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • You can get a social security card
  • In most states, you can get a driver’s license
  • Take the opportunity to build your credit score and apply for a credit card
  • Get a job with benefits such as healthcare
  • Put utility bills in your name
  • Major Tax Benefits for Low-income Dreamers

Where is the justice in that America’s own citizens below the poverty line are not eligible to receive benefits as opposed to those who are not a natural born citizen?

Third, It is unconstitutional for DACA recipients to even be considered for amnesty and legal residency in the United States. Obama executed a Presidential overreach in 2012 when he made it plausible for Dreamers to stay in the United States. But then he failed to pass it into law. Shouldn’t he receive some of the blame for the problem we are now dealing with?

Fourth, Trump simply said he would not rescind the program just yet, allowing for Congress 6 months to deal with the issue head on. Good! Now they can finally do their job and take care of the matter, something that Democrats, who seem rather passionate of, failed to even address the last 5 years.

And let the hatred for President Trump pour in from the virtue signaling celebrities:

It feels as if these megastars are some group of amateur reporters who don’t’ take the necessary time to sit down and learn about the issue at hand. They don’t get their facts right and they certainly do not cite their own sources.

What makes them more credible than my neighbor Steve who waters his plants every other day and makes a Home Depot run every Sunday?  It is, however, an easy ploy for these celebrities to gain political points and a ton of likes on a post or statement they decide to infest upon their already alienated fanbase.

And last, stop looking at these individuals as victims! These are humans. They can think for themselves. MSNBC please stop visiting dreamers for interviews hoping to capture their emotions on camera. You don’t care! You’re just pandering to your ideological base.

Enough is enough. Imagine if we lived in a society where the roles were somewhat reversed and New Zealand migrants of boat arrivals who are undocumented but arrived as children and have established themselves in this country ever since.

Because these individuals are white and not of Hispanic descent, you’d have to be inclined to believe there would not be such an emotional outrage because it doesn’t quite fit the mold of Identity Politics which has poisoned our culture to perceive people of color and minorities as those who are inferior and have a pass at claiming victimhood This is the real racism.


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