Chelsea Clinton Defends Barron Trump

Today’s political climate is marred by hatred and vitriol from both sides. When Obama was elected president, many people called him a communist, Muslim, traitor, and a whole slew of other words all used in an attempt to delegitimize him as the president of the United States.

To many, this is very similar to the current state of American politics with many people saying that Trump is a fascist, Nazi, sexist, bigot, and whatever other word they can use to cut down is character in an attempt to unseat him from the presidency.

Though it is undeniable that these two men, and every president before them, put themselves in the position for criticism and hatred, it is also undeniable that the people close to them did not. Historically, it has been very common for people criticizing the president to criticize his family as well. Caricatures of their wives, children, and other family members are painted by the mainstream media and pop culture in an attempt to elevate or put down the Commander in Chief, depending on which side of the aisle rules popular culture.

This has led to many people to attack and criticize Trump’s current wife and children. Ivanka’s fashion line has been protested and dropped by stores, Eric and Donald Jr. have been made fun of by many people publicly, and even the First Lady, Melania, has been attacked by the media. Some new outlets have exposed nude photo shoots of Melania taken in the past, as an immigrant she has been mocked for her accent, and she was accused of plagiarism for having a similar speech as Michelle Obama while speaking at the Republican National Convention. Melania was even accused of working for a modeling company that was also an escort service.

It is argued by some that it is okay to attack these family members because they put themselves in the spotlight as well by making speeches and campaigning for Donald. Even if this is true, no one should think that it is okay to target one member of the Trump family, Barron. At only 11 years old, Barron has absolutely no say over Donald’s actions, however, is still targeted by the mainstream media and pop culture.

On election night at 2:53 a.m., Barron was shown on television exhausted as Trump gave his acceptance speech. This was mocked by many. Barron has also been publicly accused of being autistic, being called the country’s first “homeschool shooter”.

At 11 years old it is undoubtedly tough on Barron to not only see his family experience hate, but also experience it on his own as well. Most 11 year olds are still concerned with school, sports, or figuring out who they want to be as individuals. Barron now has to experience public hate and bitterness for something he never asked for.

Amongst all of the hate for the president and his family, perhaps one very positive defense has come for Barron.

On Monday, August 21st, the conservative website “The Daily Caller” criticized Barron in an article titled “It’s High Time Barron Trump Starts Dressing Like He’s In the White House”.

Surprisingly Chelsea Clinton came to the aid of Barron tweeting:

Melania, who’s made stopping bullying one of her main concerns, responded to Clinton’s with her own tweet:

In these times of hatred and picking sides, it is refreshing to see someone come to the defense of someone that should be off limits. Though the presidential race between Clinton and Trump may have been ugly, you have to have some respect of Chelsea for defending Barron, especially since she knows better than anyone what a tough position he is in.


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