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Trump names Hope Hicks as Interim Communications Director

President Trump has named Strategic Communications Director Hope Hicks as his next White House Communications Director. Hicks is a long-time aide to President Trump since the start of the presidential campaign. At 28, she has become the youngest White House Communications Director in history.

Hicks takes over after Anthony Scaramucci was fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly. Hope Hicks has been one of Trump’s most loyal aides, even gaining support from Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner throughout the 2016 election. Hicks also becomes the fourth communications director the president has named since the election.

Trump originally picked Jason Miller for the job, but backed out prior to inauguration day, and was later replaced by Sean Spicer who also held the role of Press Secretary. Trump later named Michael Dubke as communications director but left and then Spicer took the role again, before Trump named Anthony Scaramucci as the communications director last month.

The search comes as Trump fights back against leaks within his own staff. Attorney General Sessions have threatened to crackdown on journalists and sources who reveal classified information.  Hicks is originally from Connecticut and was a model and actress before she got involved in politics. President Trump took notice of her in 2014, when Ivanka hired her to work in her fashion line. She quickly earned the trust of the Trump family and was brought in immediately to serve in a communications role at the start of Trump’s campaign.

Hicks has managed to survive several scandals and staff shakeups among the Trump campaign and now the White House staff. Scaramucci took to Twitter praising Hicks saying “Hope is a terrific person and will do a great job. Wishing her the best.”

The White House Communications Director is responsible for promoting the President’s agenda and leading the media campaign. The WHCD is responsible for working on speeches such as the State of the Union and the inaugural address. Both President Trump and former President Obama both share the record for most communication directors with a total of four. President Jimmy Carter only director, who served for one year.

The question now is, will Hicks have better control on how Donald Trump acts through his tweeting and public appearances. Trump’s “off-the-cuff” style has caused many politicians to forgo any attempts at becoming part of Trump’s communication team.


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