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History Lesson on the Civil War – By David Ratliff

For the record, Robert E. Lee does not symbolize slavery. As a matter of fact, he was completely opposed to it. He was in command of the Confederate army. Within the Confederate army, there were thousands of slaves who fought for their cause.

It was not because they were forced to do it, as so many Hollywood movies portray. It was because they disagreed with big government.

President Lincoln imposed a 40% import tax. That’s the truth behind the civil war….


Robert E. Lee was offered to be a commander of the union army by Lincoln himself. He refused because he did not believe in TAXATION. People need to understand who this man truly was, and what they have done.

You just destroyed a monument thinking he was all for slavery. But, in fact, he was one of the biggest proponents of the anti slavery movement.

How’s that for irony?

Democrats succeeded from the Union, because a Republican was elected for the first time. They hated this with a passion, because they never dreamed that they would lose control. This was a major factor in this war also. It was a major political war. Sounds very familiar to this day.

Democrats and Republicans had slaves back then. Lincoln offered a deal to the south. He said you can keep your slaves, as long as you return to the Union. If he was so anti-slavery, why would he have done that? If the civil war was about slavery, why would it have not ended at that moment?

The truth is sometimes hard to swallow for many people. But, what I have written is actual history based fact.

The civil war was not only about slavery ladies and gentlemen. In fact, it didn’t have much to do with it at all.

The Confederate Flag is just a battle flag. It’s called a rebel flag, because the Confederate States rebelled against big government. I know this probably doesn’t fit your rendition of what you may have learned in school, but that stuff is half true.

As another fact, the only general of the two that owned slaves was Ulysses S. Grant. A northerner, who received this as a wedding present from his father in law.

When you truly study that war, and that time period, slavery was acceptable all over the world; not just the United States. Since then, this country, and many others have learned that this is unacceptable.

At the same time, many countries still own slaves, but we as a nation frown upon such countries. Well, except for Islam. For some strange reason, the Democrat party gives them a pass on this.

This country has successfully abolished slavery. The only reason you are seeing the Democratic party destroying monuments is because they do not want you to know that they supported slavery.

Sorry, but you cannot change history, no matter how much you try.



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  1. You may not be able to change history, but let’s report it accurately. The Democratic and Republican parties basically switched philosophies after the Civil War. So the Democrats were present day Republicans, and the Republicans were present day Democrats. And it doesn’t matter what Lee believed. If he didn’t believe in taxation and said no to Lincoln, then he could have said no to Jefferson Davis if he didn’t believe in slavery. He didn’t have to command any army.


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