A Letter From SGT. Shawn Timothy


I give a salute to Black Leadership in America! Ms. Jasmine Cannick is the first Black American to stand up and say, “Remember our History!” Sometimes it takes a lady to put and end to mob violence and destruction.

The movie, “Open Range”, is an example of a lady stopping further bloodshed. I salute this LADY for having the courage to do what our elected officials do not have the tenacity, nor temerity to do to restore the South!

She is on Carlson Tucker Tonight! He looks completely astounded at her stance! The President does not realize this is an attack on him! Go look in the mirror Mr. President! You have been stereotyped by the leftists and you are weak! Weak! Weak! Mr. President, you sound weak! How deft does one have to be? All we heard during the campaign was, “Middle Class White men and women”, will die off!

This is our America!”

Mr. President get in there unless you are one of them! Those indoctrinated enlightened twenty and thirty year old criminals. This is a mockery of our law! This is an attack on our history! What they are casting into the wind is the gallant great armed struggle that the Union took on against the Agrarian South!

By destroying this history, you are destroying the greatness of the victors! You are also destroying what American Slaves had up against them! You are destroying their gallantry as well! This event in our history is a perfect reason why we should re-instate the draft!

Mr. President I am ashamed of your inaction! You ability to demonstrate that you are a warrior and leader has fallen from me! I have not the time for such men! I am a leader of men! Stand behind me! It will be a safe place for you, Mr. President!

Your forever friend and pal, Sergeant Shawn Timothy,

“Sure Thing!”, Tilley, Son of Many Fathers! Hammerheart!, Above the Rest!, Noli Me Tangre!, Airborne All the way, Sir!,

Amen and out at this station!


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