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Democrats Have No Credibility to tell Trump What To Do on North Korea, Sessions threatens Chicago’s Sanctuary Persistence

Robert Jeffress, the Texas Churchleader, put it rather boldly citing the book of Romans to imply that Trump’s decision against North Korea was justified in the eyes of God.

“God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary — including war — to stop evil.” Romans 13

“In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un.

Shortly after Trump’s made remarks at an Opioid conference in Bedminster, New Jersey (further proof to the media he is not on vacation) that there would be dire consequences for North Korea and they would be “Met with Fire and Fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before,” the DPRK in Pyongyang responded by threatening to strike the U.S. strategic military base in Guam.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on his way to Guam, stopped with reporters to explain there was no imminent threat and defended the President’s rhetoric against the authoritarian regime.

“I think what the President was doing was sending a strong message to North Korea in language that Kim Jong Un would understand, because he doesn’t seem to understand diplomatic language,” Tillerson said.

To no one’s surprise, Congressional Democrats were quick to blast President Trump on Tuesday for his ‘incendiary rhetoric.’ They believe that the comments would only infuriate Kim Jong-un and force them to take action, however, it was the Obama administration for the last eight years that acted inept while North Korea built up the Nuclear warheads.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Cal), an Obama appointed official in the intelligence community, tweeted that isolating North Korea “has not halted their pursuit of nuclear weapons.” and that “diplomacy is the only path forward.” Feinstein also called on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to discuss the reopening of North Korea talks with U.S. regional partners.

Former NSA Director James Clapper, another member of Obama’s White House, was critical of Trump’s rhetoric, using the same breath to compare his words to the likes of North Korea’s actions.

“The rhetoric itself is quite serious,” Clapper told Anderson Cooper on CNN. “What is bothersome to me is, for decades, we’ve heard this kind of rhetoric coming out of North Korea.”

Trump also received criticism from Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, whose approval rating is at 26 percent according to the Huffington Post. 

Schumer said on Twitter:

Sen. John McCain (R. Az.) also called out President Trump on the radio, saying that he had no problem with the words Trump has used, but said that if he is going to use the words then he must back it up with action, and said that he doesn’t think President Trump is a man of action.

China is currently the largest supplier to the North Korean economy contributing 80 percent. But now China must come to the table to uphold the stifling sanctions that they voted on. China is North Korea’s greatest trading partner in terms of food supply and energy resources. Without China, North Korea would fall apart.

But is China willing to watch a similarly politically-minded regime collapse?

You can argue that the devotion China has paid to North Korea is so that it may prevent the regime from collapsing. North Korea embodies the last desperation of a Cold War era mission to exert the influence of Communism against Containment policy. Juche North Korea is a reminder of Stalin-Marxist Russia. The Authoritarian figure as Supreme, the suppression of opposition, the labor camps, and the vast violation of human rights.

The Obama administration’s insecurity with North Korea’s nuclear armaments and failed tests resulted in them to act dormant on the matter. Ignoring the danger, undoubtedly   fueled Kim Jong-Un’s politics and unorderly conduct in the region.

It is time to act. The Democrats have foiled their chance for the last 8 years and to have them lecture Trump on policy is mind bottling.

This is the same administration that said they would not take action in exchanging for Otto Warmbier with the reasoning being of fear they would offend the North Korean regime and leader Kim Jong-Un.

As Jeffress had put it, the influence of God reigns down on President Trump. Action seems to be imminent. Kim Jong-Un is a threat towards global diplomacy and is too dangerous to be kept in power.

Sessions says enough is enough to Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions responded Monday to Chicago’s lawsuit over the Justice Department after Sessions vowed to crackdown on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Sanctuary City Policy.

“This administration is committed to the rule of law and to enforcing the laws established by Congress. To a degree perhaps unsurpassed by any other jurisdiction, the political leadership of Chicago has chosen deliberately and intentionally to adopt a policy that obstructs this country’s lawful immigration system.”

“Chicago will not be blackmailed into changing our values, and we are and will remain a welcoming city,” Emanuel said. “The federal government should be working with cities to provide necessary resources to improve public safety, not concocting new schemes to reduce our crime-fighting resources.”

Emmanuel also believes that the policy enacted by Jeff Sessions, which happens to be the law, will only shape the scope of Law enforcement. Ironically, apprehensions of illegal immigrants are far lower on average under the Trump administration which are at an average of 16,900 people per month compared to under Obama in 2016 which hovered over 20,000 people per month according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Also, Chicago’s crime rate is at an all time high, in part because of Emanuel’s immigration policy and gun control initiative. Over 100 people were shot over Independence Day weekend and on average there were more reported gun deaths than any other city in 2016 according to 

The relation between gun violence in Chicago and Sanctuary City Policy is the ineffectiveness of an incompetent mayor that has turned his city into a real-life version of a pre-Batman Gotham City.


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