Your Monday Briefing: Trump Goes After ‘Fraud’ Bloomenthal, Dow Hits 10th Positive

Like previously into his administration, President Trump on Monday went after Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Twitter, describing him as “defrauding and lieing to voters’.

Trump’s tweets came in response to Blumenthal’s appearance on CNN to which he showed support for Robert Mueller’s impaneling of a grand jury and the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in last year’s election, The Senator also voiced his disapproval over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to go after the leakers in the Trump White House.

Here are the Trump tweets which took place before 5 a.m. Eastern Time.

Between 1965 and 1970, Blumenthal was given several defferments and did not actually serve in Vietnamn, to which he spoke of at his rallies for his campaign as gSneatoe of Connecticut in 2013. Blumenthal was only in the Narin Corps Reserve and not the Marine Corps.

Blumenthal shortly responded to Trump’s attacks on Twitter himself later Monday morning.

Dow Jones

U.S. stocks have surged to a record close Monday marking its 10th positive session in a row. The Dow is on pace to in obtaining its ninth straight record close.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now at 22,120, which gives it an overall +0.08% rating, rising to a 27 points intraday record. In addition, The Nasdaq Composite Index rose +0.47% climbing 26 points, to 6,378.

Equities have faced minimal interruptions since President Trump took office and the S&P has advanced nearly 11% so far in 2017. Analysts said there was little to keep pushing shares solidly higher, even barring prominent headwinds that could nudge benchmarks into the red.

 Don Baylor 
The former California Angels Hall of Famer died on August 7, from complications of

Myeloma. He was 68 years old. Baylor was awarded the 1979 AL MVP with the California Angels and was chosen as the manager of the year with the Colorado Rockies in 1995.

Don Baylor Visits President Reagan
From Left: Don Baylor, President Ronald Reagan, Roger Clements

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