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U.S. travel ban enlisted, The Brutality of Juche North Korea

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson helped authorize a travel ban for United States citizens from traveling to North Korea and for those already there with a U.S. passport to leave before September 1.

The statement made by U.S. officials reads:

“The Secretary has authorized the restriction due to the serious and mounting risk of arrest and long-term detention of U.S. citizens under North Korea’s system of law enforcement.”

The ban comes in light of the murder of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier in June after being released to the U.S. in a waking state after being in a coma for nearly a year. Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after allegedly stealing a propaganda poster while on a tour with fellow students in March 2016.

The North Korean government, first handed to Kim il-Sung in 1948 following Stalin’s imperial takeover, launched Juche, a derivative of the Marxist philosophy that confounded its way through the Soviet Union during the Lenin era.

The brutality of the Communist-inspired regime can all be imagined kept from its people.

But the state continues to crumble with newly lifted sanctions. The people face serious malnutrition, repressive laws and various human rights violations.

The North Korean nationalism is almost a literal feeling like of a heroin injection the people fix for a needed sense of identity and community which saves them from the dark realities hiding behind their unfettered surface. The images and videos taken of the hysterics of its people crying and touching before Kim Jong-un is just an example.

During the 1990’s, nearly 1 million people died of starvation during the great famine years. Now, people are suffering at the cost of their love for Juche. Kim Jong un is estimated to have killed between 2 and 4 million during his reign. Nobody can speculate with certainty the true extent of brutality within the labor camps of Koechen and Hoeryong as there was mystified during the Fascism years of political descendent, prisoners of war, and Jews. There has, however, been description provided by former guards as numerous technologies are banned from the state.

Here is the extent of the torturous methods inside a  North Korean concentration camp.

  • Water torture: The prisoner must stand on his or her toes in a tank filled with water to his nose for 24 hours. 


  • Hanging torture: The prisoner is stripped and hung upside down from the ceiling to be violently beaten


  • Box-room-torture: The prisoner is detained in a very small solitary cell, in which there is barely enough room to sit, but not stand or lie, for three days or a week.


  • Kneeling-torture: The prisoner must kneel down with a wooden bar inserted near his or her knee hollows to stop blood circulation. After a week, the prisoner cannot walk and may likely die some months later.


  • Pigeon torture: The prisoner is tied to the wall with both hands at a height of 60 cm (2.0 ft) and must crouch for many hours.


…and babies are either burned or buried alive following birth if they are not killed during pregnancy.

A resistance can only likely be concepted when the state further begins to crumble and there is more incentive for its people to rebel. The North Koreans have to see for their own eyes the tyranny being committed in front of them.

The problem is that since Kim-il Sung’s reign at the conclusion of the Korean War, in which the United States failed to coup the Soviets in power and defeat the spread of communism, his people since birth have been indoctrinated with ideas and falsehoods that their god is within the state and inherits supreme power across the land. And those that question his power are unjust. They are labeled, ostracized, and wiped off the land.

North Korea is an endless purge that ridicules justice in the sense of its literal definition. A dramatic revelation by the people towards the government will be able to exert influence away from government which might even secure brutal diplomacy in the land. In fact the only matters of diplomacy in North Korea are tourism engagements. It has became a ploy of North Korea to gain leverage on other countries by obtaining hostages and threatening to undermine diplomacy across the globe. Though the cause of Warmbier’s death remains unclear, there has been speculation and North Korean officials that he suffered from botulism. Doctors concluded that he had suffered damage to every region of his brain but were flabbergasted by what exactly caused his death. When Warmbier awoke from his coma, he was uncommunicative and nearly lifeless.

The common ideas spread among the proletariat workers would normally possess a substantial amount of increasing misery. But acting as a mandate of authoritarianism, they are excused from experiencing these psychological ailments due to their belief that they are working towards an alienated freedom, defending the state, and propagating their feelings among the masses. Moreover, if the masses were to transition to the outside world there would be an astounded estrangement to the ‘common’ individual inclusive within an ideal society that function in correspondence with means of literal justice.

North Korea’s savage spree of launching nuclear ballistic missiles is the greatest threat the modern world faces. Government officials released a statement bragging about how nuclear armaments can reach and destroy Chicago and San Francisco. The longer super-power countries continue to hesitate, the world listens to the unease of an imminent and literal ticking time bomb.



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