Transgender People Do Not Have the Capacity to Serve in the United States Military.

“When in uniform, you are stripped of your individuality, and made part of a group. If you’re not willing to sacrifice your individual identity for the survival of the group, and completion of the mission, then you have no place in the military.”

There is a distinction that needs to be made here.

Why would members of a society with an openly America-contrarian belief system enlist in the military? My immediate thought process points to the several benefits that come with serving the United States. The same argument can be made by individuals that have lived off welfare for far too long and are not doing their part to move beyond the poverty threshold. It expands government spending and influences the larger welfare state by using victim guided rhetoric. This is not a false equivalency.

The sole reason transgenders, who consist of .002 percent of active-duty members, enlist in active-duty would be the convenience of undergoing free gender reassignment surgery. This comes of course at the expense of taxpayer dollars and also the expense of being a top priority ahead of the other countless surgeries that have to be focused on, that get snubbed quick and immediate care because the government has enacted strict politically correct policies.

Serving in the United States Military is a privilege, not a social experiment. If keeping transgenders hinders the ability of the military serving in its full capacity to do its job, as the generals have said it has, then these laws should be enforced.

Think of it this way. If someone is too fat, out of shape, or physically weak which causes them to fail their physicals, than they are excluded from joining their brothers and sisters overseas and would then receive an honorable discharge if they do not get in shape in the chosen frame of time. So the same argument can be made that the United States military fat shames, doesn’t believe in positive body-imaging and discriminates based on the way you look. Yet, where is the outrage? If you are injured in combat or are physically handicapped and decide to enlist, you are also prevented from serving. Does this mean the military discriminates against the disabled? Where is the outrage here?

Also, if you make the argument that scientifically speaking, there are only two genders and those that think otherwise (.06 percent of the population) have a psychological illness, then you can make the argument that with all the mental causalities of serving in battle and the proneness of inheriting Post-traumatic stress, then it would be imperative to keep transgenders from undergoing more psychological tear. The two highest suicide rates today are military veterans and transgenders. A transgender forced into warfare experiencing the psychological traumas of combat will only exacerbate the thoughts and lead to more strife in the lives of Trans-Americans. Therefore, you can argue that Trump’s decision to ban Trans-Americans from the military supports his vow he made during the 2016 campaign, which was to protect the LGBT community.

Serving in the United States military is not a right, but a privilege. Bradley Manning had a serious disdain for this country which is why he decided to act the way he did (not talking about nipping his nuts off) when he leaked the largest amount of intelligence material in United States’ history while putting the nation’s national security at risk.

Without his subsequent decision to undergo reassignment surgery, the troubled servicemen would not be exonerated for his crimes, celebrated, or even be mentioned by the identity driven Left. He would have been forgotten.

Manning and former Navy Seals, Kristen Beck, are being used as a political prop by all the major news outlet to add more fire to the flame of faux discrimination. Once again, the military does not cater to personal inclination when it is concluding a war with the Islamic State in Syria or fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Again, this is such a marginal number of individuals in our military, which once again has morphed into a large issue by the Left. Following the President’s tweets last Wednesday, I made a plea to the mainstream media. It was, “Do not take the bait this time!” Unfortunately, they didn’t listen.

It did not take long for the Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and other mainstream news organizations to subjectively criticize the President’s decision.

Here are some of the headlines:

Why Trump’s transgender military ban should frighten GOP – Washington Post

Times Square Flooded With People Protesting Donald Trump’s ‘Disgraceful’ Transgender Military Service Ban – Huffington Post 

Protesting Trump’s military transgender ban – Reuters

Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people in the military is un-American – Chicago Tribune 

Tech firms criticize Trump’s call for a transgender military ban – LA Times

Trump doubles down on LGBTQ discrimination -Editorial, LA Times

Without looking to reason, the identity fringe of liberalism which is ever so growing as a lazy regressive cult, immediately cried transphobia. But the point of the matter is, this is a bad deal for the United States.

“There are several members of the conference who feel this really needs to be addressed,” said House Appropriations Committee member Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.) last Tuesday. “This isn’t about the transgender issue; it’s about the taxpayer dollars going to pay for the surgery out of the defense budget.”

This issue has long wasted the time of Congressmen for far too long. And without Democrat support, House Republicans could not slash the issue. So they leaned towards Trump to make an executive decision. Trump did so, at the requests of his generals, in a series of Tweets on Wednesday.

There you go. It’s over. Magic. Just like that, Trump saved Congress hours upon end. For military families who don’t want to be bogged down by this tremendous burden and units needing to keep in check and explain procedures, this removes hours of political correctness and deliberation, and cognizant appropriation.

We can move on and live our lives.

Here is a bold statement: Overall, Transgenders do not want to serve the interest of American values. Notice how I said overall, meaning a large majority. I’m sure American Patriots such as Kristin Beck were proud to sacrifice their freedom for this country, but the anti-Capitalist Left has hijacked the vast majority of the LGBT community. To them, the military represents a symbolic notion of American capitalism, to which the LGBT community opposes along with it’s perceived misogynistic patriarchal messages. The history of the Pride marches was in part to oppose a set of ideas backed by the English government. These leaders were particularly Communists and refused to work within the system to fight for LGBT issues, but rather change the system of government in place believing that LGBT issues would come as a result of that.

Caitlyn Jenner is not held in high regard by most members of the trans-community because though he struggled, he was able to use the system to his advantage, believe in the American dream, and become known as a Conservative Republican. Transgender Americans are opposed to him, not because he represents their identity struggle, but because of his political ideology. This derives a feeling of betrayal the same way the majority of Black Americans that cling to the Democratic Party sense a betrayal from Conservative Republican Blacks and the ideas they hold.

This goes to show that Conservatives and Donald Trump are not to blame for the lack of mobility and freedom allotted to the trans community, but it is rather their own party. The Democratic Left has held the LGBT community hostage, hijacking their movement for equality by stoking for all of its members to think the same, while removing any certainty for Diversity of Thought.

Once you rob a group of members the ability to think for themselves, you prevent them from experiencing the liberation they so willingly desire. Trans-Americans are individual human beings and should not be looked upon as a think-tank for groupthink.

But this decision is only one of a series of issues to which the Left condemns with sheer emotion rather than finding reason to an argument which in turn actually works to hinder a movements rather than progress it. Here are three more:

Climate Change

Decision: Trump pulls out of Paris Climate Accord.

Left’s Judgment: He must be a Climate denier…Oh and by the way, we are the party that’s for the environment.

Rational Judgment: This was a bad deal that wastes taxpayer dollars for a minimal goal.


Decision: Trump enlists a travel ban.

Left’s Judgment: An Islamophobic President who hates Muslims and supports hate Crimes…Oh and by the way we are the party of Immigrants.

Rational Judgment: Obama made the list, while Trump enforced it. These countries are sponsors of terrorism and the fact is most non-terrorists subscribe to Sharia Law and have difficulties assimilating as seen in Europe.


Decision: Trump bars transgenders from serving in the Military.

Left’s Judgment: Trump is transphobic… Oh and by the way, we are the party of all transgenders, feminists, gays and lesbians.

Rational Judgment: This hinders other soldiers from receiving proper treatment for their injuries and distracts from the Military’s main objectives.

The media will rush to condemn the President’s Statement. A decisive majority of the American People will say otherwise.




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