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Is the FDA keeping Americans Healthy or is it Killing us?

After a recent trip abroad and several subsequent trips to Australia and New Zealand, I set about to find out why Americans are so fat compared to the rest of the world. I came to the conclusion it is not so much a lack of personal responsibility as it is the fault of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Anecdotally, walking down any street in Melbourne, Queensland, Sidney, Christ Church, or even on my recent trip abroad to the island country, the Isle of Man, the majority of people walking the streets are thin and healthy looking. Going to any major American city and walking the streets and you can very quickly tell, if you are over 30 and are an American, you are likely dealing with weight issues and beginning to experience a whole host of medical conditions.

Why is it with the best healthcare system in the world and with so many agencies designed to improve our health, Americans, still have poor health compared to other first world nations.

Why is this important?

If America was less fat, its healthcare costs would be radically reduced and a huge financial burden would be lifted from the American people. Being overweight causes a multitude of detrimental medical conditions including heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. All leading killers in the United States. After interviewing a multitude of people from all walks of life – all had tried to lose weight – they know the excessive weight will lead to an early grave – and yet they continue to eat unhealthy. They say they cannot help themselves.

Why do people do this to their body?

The answer I believe rests with the incompetence of the FDA and decisions based upon politics and financial interests and not based upon science or health. After all, the FDA’s mission is to protect public health.

Recently, I reconnected with a friend that I grew up with. She was always very thin and active growing up and stayed thin well into her early 20’s.

Then one night in college she got food poisoning and her life was never the same. What she and her doctor did not know then, was that she had C-diff (Clostridium difficile) and after some antibiotics her food poisoning went away. It is common to prescribe antibiotics and antibiotics are also found in much of the meats and dairy that Americans consume. Over the next two years my friend struggled off and on with what she thought was irritable bowel syndrome. She felt weak and listless. She became very lethargic and had many nutrient absorption problems. During that time her 110 pound frame tacked on 80 additional pounds. Worse yet, she craved fattening foods, could not stop eating, became very depressed, and felt helpless to control her eating habits. She would get up in the morning go to work, come home stuff her face, and then go to her bedroom and watch television and fall asleep only to repeat this day after day.

At 25 years of age she found Dr. Mark Davis whom she credits with saving her life.

At her lowest point my friend was 210 lbs and had constant stomach problems. Two years ago after a single medical procedure and a diet that she followed for only 2 weeks  she is now 115 pounds, looks great, and has her energy back all thanks to Dr. Davis and a medical procedure that is now illegal.

What was the procedure she had? Was it dangerous? Is it medically proven to work?

The procedure is safe, has a long history of success, and is called a fecal transplant. It helps similarly to probiotics to balance the good and bad bacteria in your digestive system.

Stop the presses! Did she say fecal? Yes, I am talking about poop, crap, manure – and yes I am talking about transplanting it from one person to another. It is not some new age gimmick either, it real science and it has been around for years. Only recently though has it been used by physicians to help Americans lose weight and restore their digestive system to work normally.

Whether it is from acquiring C-diff or through a round of antibiotics, or through our foods containing antibiotics, a majority of Americans stomach’s have a bad bacteria imbalance. Most doctors agree that treating the stomach for bacterial imbalance would potentially solve a large of America’s health problems. Next down on the list is smoking, but I will get to that later.

In fact, if your weight gain is not due to genetics or other medical problems, if you were to have a fecal transplant, you would most likely lose a tremendous amount of weight, become more active, and be much less depressed. How do we know this? Ask any doctor that performs fecal transplants or uses a medical grade probiotic to treat their patients. The results for their patients are astounding.

The quintessential “spare tire” that many American males get as they age is due to a bacterial imbalance in their stomach. In America this is exacerbated from consuming beef, pork, poultry, and dairy that’s animals were treated with antibiotics. A 40 year old with a “spare tire” can expect to not crave pizza, soda, and caffeine after a fecal transplant and to naturally lose their belly fat and even begin to produce more serotonin that makes you happy and allows you to handle stress better and to produce more testosterone that helps to produce muscle and helps their love life.

So the question is why are there not more fecal transplants done if they provide Americans with health that is so much better than the alternative?

The problem as Dr Mark Davis puts it is “The FDA has deemed your poop to be a drug and regulates it and prevents me from helping thousands of people that want to lead a healthier life.”

The irony of this is that the FDA’s policy has lead people to literally eating other people’s poop.

This alone should help us to understand how badly the FDA needs to be eliminated or reformed.

Unless a doctor is treating C-diff, they are prevented from doing a fecal transplant. So, while a patient may not be suffering from extreme diarrhea due to C-diff, they cannot utilize a fecal transplant for someone with a bacterial imbalance, that is overweight, and depressed. There are also no pharmaceutical companies fighting over who will be the first to bring a poop capsule to market. Poop is not profitable.

While poop may not be profitable, it potentially could dramatically reduce diabetes, weight issues, cardiovascular problems, nutrition problems, and depression. There are many probiotic supplements in the market place but most do not work and never make it past the stomach

Why is there no one up in arms over fecal transplants and pressing this issue in the halls of Congress?

Poop cannot be patented and many people have successfully followed instructions you can find online to make poop pills and have cured themselves through a DIY at home fecal transplant. ***Note (I do not recommend anyone do this at home as life threatening complications can occur.)

This is how desperate people are, they are willing to risk their life to eat poop.

If the FDA were proactive in the health of Americans they would take the lead and foster this health miracle and encourage the mass use of quality probiotics to counteract the destructive antibiotics we are bombarded with everyday.


Now, if you think this is a bunch of crap, the FDA is doing the same thing to smokers.

While current tobacco harm reduction treatments are only about 1% – 6% successful, electronic cigarettes (or vaping) are anywhere from 20% to 70% successful in most cases in getting a person to stop smoking. While other countries like Great Britain have embraced this smoking cessation product, here in the United States, the FDA stands in the way. Not only is the FDA a road block but, it is aggressively moving to eliminate the entire vaping industry through costly and prohibitive regulations.

Why is the FDA doing this?

Many industry insiders believe that because the components to make e-liquid are easily available that there is not as large of profit margin as there is with cigarettes and pharmaceutical smoking cessation products. This has led to lobbyist and the political bureaucrats at the FDA conspiring to push out the vaping industry that leaves Americans healthier and with more money in their pocket.

Additionally, because many States receive a ton of funds from taxing cigarettes they are pushing Congress to wipe out the vaping industry to protect their income stream at the expense of our health. Some States and municipalities are imposing rules and regulations that hinder the growth of an industry that threatens to save 480,000 Americans every year. That is the equivalent to a city larger than Cleveland, Ohio or Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


In fact, in Wisconsin, Senator Ron Johnson has pushed for Senate Bill 204 that would allow Americans facing a terminal illness unrestricted access to experimental drugs that have the potential to save their lives. He argues that Americans have the “right to try” these drugs that the FDA presently bars them from taking.

Unfortunately, the FDA does not believe in erring on the side of public health nor do they believe in every American’s unalienable right to life, because unfortunately, our right to life is in the Declaration of Independence and not the United States Constitution.

I feel as though if I were a smoker, I have a right to try vaping (full disclosure, even though I do not smoke or vape I own a vape truck that helps the elderly quit smoking). I also feel that if I were overweight and addicted to junk food because of the overuse of antibiotics, I should be able to undergo a fecal transplant.

Why do I feel that I have that right? Because these health solutions are the best solution to  their respective health problems and the FDA’s only solution is to say “No, we will not allow you to save your own life.” Sorry, I am an American, I am a Marine, and I don’t believe that bureaucrats have the right to prevent us from living healthy lives.

We do have a new sheriff in town though, Dr. Scott Gottlieb is the new head of the FDA and looks at its mission with a renewed vigor. Can he get it right with the help of the Trump administration? That remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, the popularity, respect, and confidence the FDA once had with the general public has been so undermined by its politics that it will remain a shadow of its former self.


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