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Why the Ann Coulter Delta Feud is a Political Discussion

Ann Coulter was none too pleased when she found her seat taken by another passenger while boarding a Delta Airlines flight from New York City to Florida on Saturday.

What infuriated her was the responsiveness of the employed Delta attendants in the matter. According to her account, she was asked to move from her pre-booked seat to another “less desirable” seat without receiving “explanation” or “apology.” Coulter also took to Twitter to post a picture of the woman that took her seat. Here are only a few in a series of tweets posted by Coulter.

And Delta’s response…

The Mainstream press and Liberals drooled over covering this story, rushing to hail Delta as the heros of this debacle.

Here are examples of the headlines that just recently came out.

The Huffington Post: Delta Stands Up To Ann Coulter, Becomes A Hero On Social Media

Washington Post: Ann Coulter had to switch seats on a Delta flight. Then came the tirade.

Salon: Delta hits back at Ann Coulter’s “unnecessary and unacceptable” tweetstorm

CNBC: Delta fires back at Ann Coulter after she rages about seat reassignment

ABC: Delta tells Ann Coulter her insults are ‘unacceptable’

FortuneDelta to Ann Coulter: Here’s Your $30. Go Away.

A Delta spokesman would not disclose details of the incident, but it is self-evident they did reach out to Coulter given that she received $30 back from the incidence.

You would think that following a high-profiled Spring season of incidences involving plane-boarding disputes such as with United Airlines, there would be more sympathy for the customer, however, because the fact that it involves Ann Coulter, it’s another story.

To many of those on the Left, this was a cheerful outcome by the grievances of Ann Coulter. To the Left this was not just a typical Delta Airlines passenger, but a mean, hateful, bigoted, and xenophobic one. Therefore, she should be scorned.

Despite how the passenger handles the situation, ideology should definitely not cloud one’s judgement of who deserves fair treatment and who does not. This is a clear indication of a line that has been far crossed.

The response made by Coulter is to some degree inexcusable, yet also hilarious given Coulter’s image as a provocateur, to which she compares Delta employees to Nurse Ratched, the villain in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” while also saying that the ideal job for a Delta employee would be either a prison guard, animal handler, or an East German secret policeman.

As someone who remains neutral in the matter, there are a number of questions to ask in any given situation of this nature. First, is Coulter to blame? Why would a passenger refuse to give up her seat on an airline that wasn’t hers? That is rude. After deliberate talks between Coulter, and the passenger, why would Delta not intervene in a fair and harmonious manner? And why give the passenger opposite Coulter the benefit of the doubt?

There would be great inclination to think that if Coulter had expressed different politics in her past, or even moreso was a minority or practiced Islam, and that same incidence had occurred, there would be outrage on the Left likely calling for that other passengers head on a stick. But apparently since Coulter is a white Conservative Trump-supporter, she cannot claim victimhood.

This incidence merely exposes the Left’s invariable intolerance to those that oppose their movement. It also exemplifies those who consider themselves to be allies to movements against racism, yet in retrospect are doing more harm than good. It proves that racial discrimination is becoming more and more a talking point, rather than a concern for most of those on the Left that participate in identity politics.

The fact that some human beings are held to different standards to other people in the same set of circumstances proves that instead of people acting righteous and taking the high road, people would rather go low and watch others experience grievance. It demonstrates the faults of those who scream racial intolerance and bigotry just to win plaudits at a future champagne fundraiser or approval to obsequiously move forward within a social hierarchy.

The only reason this nothingburger story got as far as it did was partially Coulter, yes, but also because it was made a political declaration of victory and entitlement for those vehemently against her.

But there are much larger issues to cover such as Healthcare reform, ISIS, trade, or tax-reform rather a bad day of a Conservative pundit. So from now on, I agree to never talk about such marginal subjects no matter how unnecessarily blown out of the water they become.




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