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2017 MLB All-Star Game Rates Higher Than Other Sports

Last week, Major League Baseball took a break to host its annual All-Star Game in Miami, Florida at Marlins Park.

The All-Star week began on Monday with the Home Run Derby.

Last year’s winner of the Home Run Derby, Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins, was upset in the first round, disappointing many of his hometown fans.

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees slammed his way to victory, beating Miguel Sano of the Minnesota Twins, hitting eleven homeruns over Sano’s ten. Judge hit a total of forty-seven homeruns with four of them being hit further than five-hundred feet.

To make Judge’s win even more impressive, he won the Home Run Derby as a rookie, being one of the few winners to do so.

Watch Aaron Judge win the Home Run Derby HERE!

On Tuesday, the All-Star Game featured Chris Sale of the Red Sox as the starting pitcher for the American League team and Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals as the starting pitcher for the National League team.

The American League won the game 2-1 after Seattle’s Robinson Cano hit a walk-off homerun in the top of the tenth inning and Andrew Miller saved the game for the American League.

2017-07-17 (11)

Nationals Outfielder Bryce Harper Makes a Diving Catch in Right Field During the Bottom of the 2nd Inning.

Many commentators believe that baseball’s popularity is declining and though the ratings may support this, baseball still appears to be America’s pastime.

This year’s All-Star Game beat last year’s all-time low ratings, with an estimated 9.28 million viewers. Though this year drew in less viewers than previous years, it still had higher ratings than the NBA All-Star Game (which had 8.25 million viewers) and the NFL Pro Bowl (which had 7.4 million viewers).

So it seems like for the time being baseball will remain as American as apple pie, pickup trucks, and walking on the moon.

2017-07-17 (13).png

Indian Pitcher Andrew Miller Pitched a 1, 2, 3 9th Inning and Earned the Save.


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