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House Democrat Files Article of Impeachment Against Trump

WASHINGTON, July 12, 2017 – Two Democratic House members filed an article of impeachment for President Donald Trump, becoming the first to do so after Trump’s first six months in office was riddled with calls for it. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Al Green (D-TX) filed an article of impeachment against Trump for obstruction of justice, citing Trump’s sudden firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

A majority vote in the House, currently controlled by Republicans, is required to impeach a president. Republicans have a 46-seat advantage. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasted the filing.

“I think that is utterly and completely ridiculous and a political game at its worst,” she told reporters Wednesday at an off-camera briefing. Sherman argues that Trump’s sudden firing of James Comey as FBI Director two months ago, amounts to obstructing justice “high crimes and misdemeanors” amid the probes of whether Trump’s team colluded with the Russians to swing the election in their favor. Sherman released a statement explaining his decision saying:

“Recent disclosures by Donald Trump Jr. indicate that Trump’s campaign was eager to receive assistance from Russia,” “It now seems likely that the President had something to hide when he tried to curtail the investigation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the wider Russian probe. I believe his conversations with, and subsequent firing of, FBI Director James Comey constitute Obstruction of Justice.”



The introduction of the article of impeachment comes a day after Donald Trump Jr. released a series of emails showing his attempt to meet with a Russian lawyer, who claimed to have damaging information on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during last year’s campaign. Critics say the emails are proof of collusion between the Trump team and the Russians.

Only two U.S. presidents have been impeached, and neither were removed from office. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998. An impeachment proceeding began against President Richard Nixon, but he was not actually impeached. He became the only president to resign from office. Democratic leaders have distanced themselves from the efforts to impeach Trump, believing it serves only to energize the president’s supporters.


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