Gators Win Big, Join Elite Group

On Tuesday night, the University of Florida baseball team made history as it won the school’s first College World Series Championship against LSU sweeping the Tigers in a best of three series.

In the first game the Gators won 4 to 3 and in the second game they won 6 to 1. They entered the College World Series as a third seed and though they were ranked high, experts and viewers could not have expected they would even make it to the series.

Florida made it through the regular season with a 52-19 record where they were co-champions of the regular season for the Southeastern Conference, sharing the title with LSU.

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Though the impressive victory for the Gators marked their first baseball championship in program history, it also meant that they had national titles in baseball, football, and basketball. This is quite notable considering that they are the fourth team to do so. The other teams that also have national titles for the three sports are Michigan, Ohio State, and UCLA.

To make matters even more remarkable, they were able to do so in the past ten years, winning the national championship in basketball in 2007 and the national championship for football in 2008.

The victory for the baseball team closed out an impressive season for the school’s overall sports program with the football team winning the SEC East Division, the basketball team making it to the Elite Eight in the tournament, and the softball team making it to the Women’s College World Series. With all of this success they were named the number one overall sports program in the SEC, for the eleventh year in a row.


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