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Can This Man Stop Winning?

Besides solving the opioid crisis, passing Kate’s Law, getting the travel ban approved, and working on healthcare and tax reform, President Trump saves some time on his hands, and he puts it to good use in part going after the now discredited cable news program CNN.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted a GIF of himself during his WWE cameo days where he takes down Vince Mcmahon whose head appears to be photoshopped by the CNN logo.

Remember Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame…

Now that the Fake media and offended liberal snowflakes across the country are calling for Trump’s impeachment, the rest of the country was able to soberly start off their day with a good laugh.

Thank you President Trump.

And yet… here is Twitter’s reaction.

And poor Brian Stelter…

Seriously, what is this reaction? It’s Sunday. Let’s calm our temper level heads with some heroic dancing from James Cagney in the 1942 classic “Yankee Doodle Dandee.”




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