It’s Official, Supreme Court Upholding Trump’s Travel Ban

In what became a big victory for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court has lifted preceding rulings on the travel ban.

Trump was forced to revise his first proposed travel ban after a federal judge from Hawaii decided he would not uphold the proposed executive measure deeming it to be unconstitutional with discrimination based on religion. Trump has repeatedly denied that the ban on seven Muslim majority nations was for security measures in the fight against radical Islamic extremist.

A federal judge from Maryland also blocked the order to go through with the revised version of the travel ban.

Now, the high courts have allowed for the ban to go forward, suggesting that the most important parts of the ban will be upheld by a majority of federal judges.

The Supreme Court stated about enforcing the ban “with respect to foreign nationals who lack any bona fide relations with a person or entity in the United States.”

The first ban did not exclude individuals with green cards or HB 1 visas to the United States.  The Constitution would not have been able to grant rights to those on tourist vacations if they came from those countries.

The travel ban clearly articulates that countries that have a serious problem vetting potential terrorists would be valid even if all of those countries had Muslim majorities. History has shown that statistically the more Muslims that immigrate to new land, the more terrorism occurs. Australia grew increasingly wary about Muslim Asylum seekers post 9/11.

It is important to note that the countries on the list put forth by the Trump administration were also banned by President Obama, however it occurred under the radar.

Given the hostility directed at Trump and his campaign rhetoric, his executive orders have become more publicized and criticized by the Mainstream Media and the Leftist elites.

Amid the terror attacks in Manchester England, President Trump took to Twitter to announce his frustrations with the process of the travel ban saying that he would rather not have revised the second executive order for the first one, to which he called second one a politically correct watered down version.

The travel ban will soon go into effect with regard to non-American persons. Despite the prevalence of homegrown terrorism and lower levels of immigrant terrorism in the United States as opposed to Europe, it is unclear if the travel ban will impact the reduction of terrorism in the U.S.

The Supreme Court has made note that there are still parts of the ban that could raise concern in regards to the laws and Constitution.


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