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North Korea and the Dangers it Presents to the Modern World (Opinion)

North Korea is an established state in which the government is influenced by a political philosophy called Joche. Joche is a derivative of Marxist inspired Leninism that confounded its way through the Soviet Union before World War II. With the collapse of the Bolsheviks, Stalin would take the helm to entirely transform the nation into a Soviet State. What many do not read about is that after the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945, Stalin became an opportunist and in the grand scheme was actually in opposition to the United States government even as they called themselves ‘allies’ during the war.

In 1948, while Korea was still a one-state system, The U.S. and Russia embarked on a series of Imperialistic conquests, particularly in dividing up the continent of Korea into two separate states. The Russians took control of the North while the United States took hold of the South. Both parties heavily influenced democracies in the region. This became a major factor in the start of the Korean War.

The emergence of Kim il-Sung in North Korea began a dictatorial spree of a family that had barricaded, isolated, and propagandized their citizens after the war concluded. Today, troops are still being deployed in South Korea while the rest of the world watches on display, one of the most powerful young leader in the world. A young man whose scare tactics have influenced the actions of democracies.

The death of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier has crossed line. Sentenced to 15 years of hard labor and interned for crimes against the State, it was not until 18 months later Warmbier would return home to his family at the bequest of the Trump administration where he would die five days later.

The brutality of the Communist-inspired regime can all be imagined kept from its people. In fact, a resistance is highly unlikely as to the broadened appeal it had towards the collapse of the Mussolini Empire during Fascist Italy.

A resistance can only likely be concepted when the state further begins to crumble and there is more incentive for its people to rebel. The North Koreans have to see for their own eyes the tyranny being committed in front of them.

The problem is that since Kim-il Sung’s reign at the conclusion of the Korean War, in which the United States failed to coup the Soviets in power and defeat the spread of communism, his people since birth have been indoctrinated with ideas and falsehoods that their god is within the state and inherits supreme power across the land. And those that question his power are unjust. They are labeled, ostracized, and wiped off the land.

North Korea is an endless purge that ridicules justice in the sense of its literal definition. A dramatic revelation by the people towards the government will be able to exert influence away from government which might even secure brutal diplomacy in the land. In fact the only matters of diplomacy in North Korea are tourism engagements. It has became a ploy of North Korea to gain leverage on other countries by obtaining hostages and threatening to undermine diplomacy across the globe. Though the cause of Warmbier’s death remains unclear, there has been speculation and North Korean officials that he suffered from botulism. Doctors concluded that he had suffered damage to every region of his brain but were flabbergasted by what exactly caused his death. When Warmbier awoke from his coma, he was uncommunicative and nearly lifeless.

But now China must come to the table to uphold serious sanctions. China is North Korea’s greatest trading partner in terms of food supply and energy resources. Without China, North Korea would fall apart.

North Korea

The cases of ideas spread among the proletariat workers would normally possess a substantial amount of increasing misery. But acting as a mandate of authoritarianism, they are excused from experiencing these psychological ailments due to their belief that they are working an alienated freedom, defending the state, and propagating their feelings among the masses. Moreover, if the masses were to transition to the outside world there would be an astounded estrangement to the ‘common’ individual inclusive within an ideal society that function in correspondence with means of literal justice.

The North Koreans would therefore be prune to despise others based on race and become intolerant to foreign beliefs. The alienation exudes an utter sense of zealotry as the gateway towards their ardent beliefs. At the top of the theocracy, Kim Jong-Un is to himself and his people an intellectual where he is forced believes in the notion that nothing can be much worse.

These circumstances are evident in the high amount of military numbers in North Korea which boasts the fourth largest military in the world and the largest per capita.


What constitutes the North Korean’s as innocent?

If there are implications to the people of the state as being good in their own right and morally just, then is it logical not to feel guilty towards their roles in their unjust society.

The controlled environment they live in as conformist to the pre-conceived mold means that the North Koreans garner less sympathy as to cultural differences of the opposition in the Middle East.

Should their dogmatic ideals stimulate generosity across the globe when their country fails?

I don’t think so. What is self evident, in a contemporary sense that people do not hear about progressive support for those in North Korea rather than in Syria and Iraq, who suffer dire and unimaginable consequences.

Hunger and deception is proven to be one of the most regressive inconveniences to a society. However, Islamic Law does not receive scrutiny because it is suspected by many progressives as an opposer to Jihadi fundamentalist. This is inherently false.

To a conservative logic, North Korean refugees, though unfathomed, would pose the same consequences as Muslim asylum seekers that inherit a set of values that contradict Western values and laws and should therefore be skeptical in their approach to the matter.

So if the solution is to get China, South Korea and East Asian suppliers to allow for the North Korean regime to crumble by itself, what resistance would that generate domestically, such as in America? The answer is likely none. The devotion China has paid to North Korea is so that it may prevent the regime from collapsing.

This contradicts American efforts in Washington and on the Korean peninsula. The Obama administration’s insecurity with North Korea’s nuclear armaments and failed tests resulted in them to act dormant on the matter. But ignoring the matter will only fuel Kim Jong-Un’s politics and unorderly conduct in the region.


The Will to Create Change

The United States needs to go back to the drawing board and renegotiate terms with Chinese officials, particularly in influencing President Xi Jinping to take further action in crumbling the survival of the North Korean economy.

Once the North Koreans can think for themselves, in changing their value system based on further justification, then they will flee the border in numbers. But I’m sure South Korea and the rest of East Asia do not want this. The United States will have to threaten North Korean air forces by buzzing their planes, rise sanctions, and convince China to increase threats as well.

The death of Otto Warmbier has pushed the lid on the problem of an alienated brutal regime existing in the world. If nothing continues to be done or war is not initiated than the regime will continue to threaten with ballistic nuclear attacks that continues to strengthen by day.

In a logical sense, it should be more fearful for the rest of the world to do nothing in the region and allow for the nuclear arms program to build up in North Korea that can potentially become a threat throughout the whole world, then to declare war on North Korea, undermine the regime, and declare dip[diplomacy in the land.

In this case such as the allies fighting the Japanese powers during World War II, there will be a great choosing during the war in opposition of North Korea.

Unfortunately something more dramatic, than the death of Otto Warmbier is likely going to have to be the cause of the U.S. to act like 9/11 becoming the great incentive for Americans to mount troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. The difference here is that winning the war is more obtainable. Unlike an ascribed religion, or an idea which is Jihadis and supporters of this phenomenon, North Korea is a regime such as Hitler’s fascism which could be defeated. Rather an idea, the brutality can be seen and not thought out through the balanced eye.

If there is no action initiated by the United States government, which has the influence and allure to dictate policy, than North Korea will continue to act as a catalyst for the world’s inhumanity.


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