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Russia Probe Shifts Focus to Flynn’s Business Partner, Democratic Lawmakers Confident

Former ousted national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is being further investigated for the lobbying work with the Turkish government and Bijan Kian, Flynn’s former business partner, according to an FBI interviewee.

Sources close to Flynn’s business ventures told lawmakers to look into whether payments from foreign clients to Flynn and his company, the now-inactive Flynn Intel Group, were lawful, and if this includes payments by three Russian companies and a Turkish Businessman who controlled the Netherlands based company, Ivovo.

Kian played a role in overseeing Ivovo and securing its properties. The FBI is currently investigating whether Flynn lobbied on behalf of the Turkish government after receiving an investment of $530,000 from Ivovo without disclosing the financial report. Flynn’s lawyer declined to comment on the issue, according to Reuters.

Securing Ivovo came off the rise of a failed attempt at a Turkish coup in which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blamed Turkish agency contrarian Gulen in implementing it, to which they vehemently deny. Lawmakers are pointing to the Ivovo deal as lobbying against Gulen and that Kian might have personally benefited the Republic of Turkey.

Now that the collusion story between Russia and the Trump administration is dying, democratic lawmakers found an interest to assemble obstruction charges against President Trump for asking Comey to wear down on the Flynn investigation.

Trump found it absurd that Rod Rosenstein, the acting deputy attorney general, and now special prosecutor Robert Mueller, is investigating obstruction into the White House following Rosenstein’s suggestion to remove FBI director James Comey.

Now Democratic Lawmakers including the leader of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (D) say that there is no proof to take to a jury, however there is enough evidence that it should be further investigated.

“The president wants to take down Bob Mueller, his lawyer wants to take down Bob Mueller and the question is why,” Schiff said. “I think the answer is they want to discredit whatever Bob Mueller comes up with.”

Those suffering the most from the ongoing Russia Probe are the American taxpayer. The investigation into whether there was possible collusion with the Trump campaign and Russia has now amounted to $15 million.


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