Torturing Animals is Clearly a Psychiatric Disease (Opinion)

“We could tell the way a man lives his life by his treatment of animals.” – Sigmund Freud

Why are we prone to sympathize more with animal deaths in films than human deaths?

Watching a person and a dog trapped in a burning building while being given the opportunity to save one, I’d assume it be the species that drinks water from a glass.

In that case, Buddhism is probably not people’s forte. That being said, those that believe in reincarnation better pray they don’t come back as a wasp, or a spider, or a Florida cockroach even.

And $1,500 on chemotherapy for a cat? Maybe we should accept that it lived a short life worth living.

The disturbing processing videos of farm animals has had little effect on curtailing meat-eating endeavors.

This reaches a level of conformity with our species being at the top of the food chain. With maybe the exception of certain dogs, we still sympathize with our species.

The animal rights activist that spew feelings of guilt and all-above lies to furthering their own agenda should not be taken seriously.

Although at the same time, it isn’t wise to begrudge the 40,000 others who have signed two online petitions seeking tougher laws against those who commit cruelty against animals. One petition supports the creation of an animal abuser’s registry, similar to the way sex offenders are tracked. The other asks to increase the maximum felony penalty for pet torture.

One of these petitions was created in response to the heartbreaking story of Sage the Cat, a family pet in Clearfield who died March 9 after being tortured. According to various reports, the black and white feline had been shaved, burned and beaten. He’d had his paws, toes and ribs broken, and his whiskers cut. Glue and silicone were smeared in his fur.

Davis County Animal Care and Control director Clint Thacker recently told the Standard-Examiner: “We desperately want to catch the person or persons who did this.”

To that end, various groups have pooled their resources to offer a staggering $61,850 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Sage’s torturer.

There is even blatant inhumanity towards one’s treatment of animals. Indeed, research shows that serial killers and mass murderers often cut their teeth on torturing animals.

Last October, Provo police received a report of a cat on fire. The cat was found to have been burned alive when officers arrived on the scene. It had to be euthanized because of its injuries.

In January, a 26-year-old Provo man, Spencer Jens Pedersen, pleaded guilty to torturing and killing that kitten, as well as one other. The second kitten had been found dead in Pedersen’s trash can; a veterinarian determined it had died from blunt force trauma including a broken jaw, broken back legs, and blown eardrums.

Authorities say Pedersen may have killed or tortured as many as 11 kittens and cats. He also had prior drug and arson convictions in Davis County.

Pedersen was sentenced to serve zero to five years in prison for torture of a companion animal and possession/use of a controlled substance.

Jim Hatch, a spokesman for the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole said Pedersen is currently being held in the Millard County Jail as an “overflow inmate” from the Utah State Prison, and that he had his first parole hearing back on April 27.

The board also ordered a psychological evaluation and recommendations, due by Aug. 1.

“In this case, the board wanted to try to understand his mind better, and find out why he did what he did,” Hatch said.

The burning building scenario may chime differently with some if Pederson were trapped inside the building.

Going with the one that drinks out of the toilet might actually be more suitable.



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