Alex Jones Releases ‘Megyn Kelly’ Tapes Before Sunday’s Anticipated Interview


DALLAS, June 16, 2017 — Alex Jones spends his days ranting about the corporate media establishment, big government, and globalism. The controversial Infowars host in unsurprising fashion taped phone conversations between himself and NBC’s Megyn Kelly.

Kelly seemed to obsequiously attempt to garner an interview with Jones’ for the network saying that she was moved during the custody battle Jones recently endured.

“I thought you were maybe this one dimensional guy,” Kelly spoke on the phone. “The comments I heard throughout the course of that trial and your pleas to  the media to be respectful to you and your kid made me think you’re just like anybody.”

In Jones’ latest air of his podcast, he pointed out Kelly’s hypocrisy from the instances of their phone conversation to the actual interview itself. He said that ‘Megyn Kelly waltzed in here to Austin Texas’ and said she would not bring up Pizzagate, Sandy Hook, 9/11, and Islamic terror.

“She did the opposite of what she,” Jones added.

It appears that Jones is not taking his encounter with Megyn Kelly to heart and spent the rest of his podcast criticizing Kelly’s demeanor and her ‘crew of intelligence operatives.’

“These tyrants haven’t figured it out yet that information warfare is a two way street, and we’re going to give as good as we get,” Jones said.


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