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James Comey’s Soon Coming $10M Book Deal

Former FBI Director James Comey is expected to make a $10 million dollar book deal with a publishing company in the very near future. Several publishers are in a bidding war for Comey’s tell-all book.

Comey’s book will detail Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and his dealings with President Trump. The Daily Mail first reported the book deal. James Comey’s book could give the public deep insight into what was really going on with the Clinton investigation and why did he not charge Clinton for crimes she clearly committed.

Comey’s book will give readers everything they would want from political corruption to juicy gossip. It could reveal explosive new details about Comey’s dealings with President Trump that he has not made public.

According to Daily Mail, there are already producers hoping to create a blockbuster film about Comey’s life. USA Today has already created a possible list of actors to play the former FBI director.

Comey has experience writing; when he was a student journalist at the College of William and Mary in 1980, he wrote a series about retaining and recruiting African-American students. Trump’s plan to get rid of Comey may have backfired, as he has now become Washington’s newest celebrity and a soon to be multimillionaire. He will be an ever-present face both on the big screen and on book covers.

When he was fired by Trump, Comey lost his yearly salary of $172,000, but he can still receive government retirement benefits. He has never been short of cash: He is rumored to have a net worth of $11 million and will soon receive a $3 million payout from Bridgewater Associates. Comey may end up laughing his way to the bank, thanks to President Trump.


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