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U.K. election not going the way Theresa May hoped

WASHINGTON, June 7, 2017 – British Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for an early election with the hope of gaining more power, failed as no party won enough seats to gain the majority needed to form a government and is now in a “hung parliament.”

May wanted to gain more power as Britain begins Brexit negotiations with the European Union. Prime Minister May was forced to pause her campaign twice due to the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London. This sudden loss of power has begun calls for May to resign. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said it was time for May to go. Corbyn said he was proud of the results and said they were a “vote for hope for the future” and said voters were “turning their backs on austerity.”

U.K. Independence Party Paul Nuttall took to Twitter saying Theresa May put Brexit in jeopardy because of her actions. May vowed to build a “stronger, fairer and more prosperous Britain.” Corbyn has also been a target of criticism. Corbyn faced a no-confidence vote by his party’s lawmakers but survived by his grassroots support.

The UK could face another election later in the summer, under the rules in the Fixed Term Parliament. According to British Parliament rules an election can happen if two-thirds of MPs vote for it. After Parliament is dissolved there are 25 working days until an election is held.

British voters have ousted top members of Parliament including Alex Salmond and Nick Clegg lost to Labour candidate. After being defeated, Clegg said Britain was “deeply divided and polarized” country. The Scottish National Party also received many major setbacks but managed to win a majority of the seats in Scotland.

Results of the election are unsettling, questions remain whether negotiations will prevail as Britain attempts to exit the European Union. The results are far from the landslide victory that many in Britain predicted. The question now is will Prime Minister May bow to her critics and resign as leader.



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