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Wearable Technology Soars in Healthcare Market

Technological innovation has been known to deliver improved healthcare. Today, advanced electronic wearable medical devices are expanding exponentially to better patients at lower costs.

Smart hearing aids such as the introduction of Aurex Corp. brought to the market the world’s first wearable technology-based hearing aids.

Not as glamourous in style to today’s standards its was able to spring a new wave of wearable technology within the medical and healthcare world.

From hearing aids to glucose monitoring devices and pain management systems to sleep technology device these are several innovative levels that have been patented towards consumer improvement. This multibillion dollar industry continues to serve a growing radius of patients.

Future Market Insights reports that a $22 Billion global market for wearable medical devices will observe stable growth over the next decade.

Wearable Medical devices target four key areas of human health, which include viz hypertension diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and respiratory ailments. Future Market Insights reports that wearable medical therapeutic devices, such as insulin pumps, respiratory devices, hearing aids, non-invasive ventilation, and sleep apnea devices will generate almost half of the total revenues of the global wearable medical devices market.

The market also plans to include smart pills, smart contact lenses, cardiac monitoring devices, cardiac patches, therapeutic sleeves, sports bras for breast cancer screening, concussion management apps, and many more, which are currently in the middle of FDA’s approval process.

A glimpse of Medical IoT – Connected medical devices & connected patient modeling

Wearable Technology will surely push the boundaries of user-friendly convenience. Existing technology asks patients to visit a physician to get their respective health data reviewed. The anticipated tech of IoT will enable instant and continual data transmission between patients and physicians through extended connectivity. Several players are trailing connected patient modeling via engineering simulation in a bid to create the real big impact on the healthcare model of the future and accurately provide the insights to physicians.

The effectiveness of how Medical Technology can function in the future will undoubtedly aid soaring markets and create better operations for a user friendly environment.


Featured Image via, “Wikimedia.”


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