CBS Removes Scott Pelley From Anchor Desk

Scott Pelley was kicked from the CBS News desk but sent back to ’60 Minutes’

CBS announced that Scott Pelley is no longer the anchor of ‘CBS Evening News.’ The news comes as the newscast comes in third in the evening news rankings and has failed to close the gap. Pelley will now be back at ’60 Minutes.’

Scott Pelley has not commented on the decision by CBS executives and is currently on assignment for ’60 Minutes.’ The New York Post originally reported the news of Pelley’s return to ’60 Minutes.’

It’s unclear who will be replacing Scott Pelley but rumors have speculated that possible replaces could include Norah O’Donnell, Elaine Quijano and even possibly famed interviewer Charlie Rose. Pelley has lost 9 percent of his audience despite the sudden interest in the news.

Pelley has often been critical of the Trump White House. According industry website TVNewser, viewership dropped 14 percent in the demographics that advertisers seek. Both ABC and NBC have also suffered declining ratings.

Scott Pelley first began anchoring ‘CBS Evening News’ six years, when Katie Couric stepped down. Evening news broadcast anchors do not have the same influence that famed anchors such as Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw had when they reported the evening news.

Broadcast news are not able to keep up with the constant news flow coming out of the Trump administration. Evening news ratings are also going down because of viewers turning to cable networks like CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

CBS will make a formal announcement on Wednesday. Pelley will appear one last time on ‘CBS Evening News’ allowing him to say one final goodbye to his viewers.  Scott Pelley has been with the network for almost 30 years. Those in the media, believe he was expected to be replaced because of the failing to draw an audience during his nightly newscast.


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