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Flying the unfriendly skies of United Airlines

When we Americans use the airlines to get somewhere, whether it be to family or a vacation hotspot, we should have the right to refuse to give up our seat. No matter who you are, customers travel needs should come before United Airlines’ employees. United Airlines is 100% at fault when it comes to the fiasco involving the doctor who has drug off the flight.

Only in certain circumstances should a passenger be drug off an aircraft: if he’s being drunk and disorderly, if the pilot demands he get off the plane or at any other time he is deemed a flight risk. United should not be allowed to randomly choose who they force to give up their seat.  According to United, the flight crew who needed the seats were trying to reach their flight in another city and if they did not make it time, the flight would have been cancelled.

While I’m not fluent in how the airline industry operates, are you telling me there is not a United Airlines pilot or crew member that could not work on that flight as a replacement. United Airlines treated that passenger like he was a criminal. United could have avoided this whole situation by offering the man $2,000 dollars plus an immediate flight to his final destination. Now they face an impending lawsuit, stock price plummeting and a massive public relations nightmare.

Public outcry over this incident has skyrocketed, customers have cut up their United credit cards and others have called for a massive boycott of the airline. Along with this massive abuse of power and overreach, the Department of Transportation needs to review the powers that airlines have and shrink it.

While the man involved was disgustingly abused by an airline, he will probably get more than his fair share of fame, so I have only a small amount of compassion. He was treated wrongly and deserves to be fairly compensated for that, but I’m willing to bet he will make several appearances on television, complaining and explaining his situation.


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